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Twitter Gets Its Own URL Shortener

Today Twitter announced its very own URL shortener to help fight against scams and security threats. It is a great move for Twitter to stop and prevent the spread of bad activities using Twitter. In a blog post Twitter writes

By routing all links submitted to Twitter through this new service, we can detect, intercept, and prevent the spread of bad links across all of Twitter. Even if a bad link is already sent out in an email notification and somebody clicks on it, we’ll be able keep that user safe.

Twitter’s URL shortener is used for direct messages and email notifications. Since most of the spams and unsafe links spread through direct messages and email notifications.

How does it work?

To check how it works, I send a direct message from my official twitter account to my personal account. When I received it in my personal twitter account it got the same link unchanged. But when I checked my email for these messages, I found the original link


Changed to


As a regular Twitter user, I found this feature pretty useful to help protect us from scams and phishing links. Overall, a welcome note for all Twitter’s to share their information with other without any hassles, including me. Happy tweeting!

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