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Looking Back at 2009 – The Best of SSG

Wow! What a year has passed both in terms of search (Google, Yahoo Bing, Live Bing) and here at SEO Services Group. We started the blog last February to deliver the latest in search trends & updates and we think we have satisfied you, our readers, and have given you an in depth insight in to search marketing and various other search trends and updates. We hope to continue this trend in 2010 and provide more such information from in and around the search industry.

I would also like to thank personally and on behalf of everyone here at SSG for your support and feedback, which has made us to think, analyze and provide better quality blogs/articles/updates.

Now lets look at some of the best SSG posts form the year 2009 and few of my personal favourites.

    • On Growing Demand for Real Time Search Engines This post by Siva Rajan gave us a great in-depth reagarding the need of real time results to be integrated in to the SERPs of the major search engines but was primarily targeted towards Google.
      Note – Real time results from Twitter as well as headlines from news and blog posts published just seconds before have started to appear in the Google SERPs as per one of the latest updates.



    • Google Analytics Filters – Are you Making the Most of it? Google Analytics – Some hate it & Some love it! Can’t say whether I love or hate Google Analytics but I sure use it & heck it’s free. This post from Bala Abirami is an easy to understand/implement guide to set up differnet kinds of Filters in Google Analytics. Must read if you are new to GA.


    • Matt Cutts Vs Bing Faceoff in Twitter A refreshing post from Ragavan, which captured a live conversation from Twitter between Matt Cutts and Bing, when Bing was launched in mid 2009. The post showed how realtime conversations can be made effectively and within 140 characters!! This blog is one of my personal favorites.




Other great blogs/articles/guides from SSG in the year 2009

Still not satisfied. These are my favorite bloggers at SSG, no hard feeling guys/gals, check out their posts, I do try to read all of their posts most of the time.

Hey and If I have missed any, add it in the comments guys.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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One comment on “Looking Back at 2009 – The Best of SSG
  1. Mercy Livi says:

    Looking forward to see much more interesting post as more new bloggers joined hands this year. BTW thx for the mention Tabrez! 🙂

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