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9 Surefire Tactics Everyone Should Avoid While Blogging

Blog is simply the best weapon for everyone to share their thoughts in online. People stared to call people to write blogs about some sensitive issues. In Internet marketing, Blogging has become a passion and an vital way for marketing as well. A well written blog post can boost your site traffic if done in a proper way. So it is necessary for the bloggers to know about the things not to be done while writing a blog.

Here are some mistakes, that bloggers should avoid:

1. Not posting own ideas:

The most important factor for a successful blog is, posting with own ideas and thoughts. People want what is in your mind, not what is someone else’s mind and that you just summarize it for them.

2. Not using keywords in title :

It would be more difficult for search engines to find you without keywords on your titles. On the other hand, keywords on your title tags will help to get good ranking if any user do query on the related keyword.

3. Not analyzing grammatical errors:

Its a major step that need to be avoided while writing a blog post. Never commit any grammatical mistakes and misspelling of words in your posts , else it gives a bad impact to the user who is reading your post. So after the completion of your post use spell check function.

4. The lack of passion:

Without quality content, your blog cannot give you a more positive result. Blogs are becoming popular day by day just because of content. By publishing new content regularly, you can automatically find the readers in your corresponding niche.

5. Improper URL:

Most of the blog carries some special characters, source ids along with its URL. Due to the dynamic nature of the URL, the readers will feel difficult and get easily carried away The simple static URL makes a clear idea to the readers to know what is about the landing page.

6. Posting Irregularly:

After you have gained certain number of regular readers, you wish to retain them and to improve more readers. For this, consistent posting is needed. If you post in the irregular interval of periods, your post wont be interesting and less chance of getting new readers. Posting interesting content in a consistent way will help built a successful blog.

7. Not making required changes:

Its better if you do some experiments in your blog-website design. Have initiative to make suitable changes if something is not working. It is advisable to implement the suggestions that you are getting from the users.

8. Not using RSS feeds:

RSS feeds allow people to get updates from your blog. Make sure that your blog has RSS options that you bury at the bottom of the page and leave out an email subscription option altogether.

9. Absence of proper editing:

If you don’t have time to do the editing or you don’t have such skills, it is best to hire an editor to do it for you. The editor will make your posts free from grammatical errors, typos and punctuation mistakes which change your blog more credible and professional.

Blogs are the great way to communicate and experience the web, if used correctly. Since blogs are helpful for sharing, it should reach the readers properly without any mistakes. In SEO aspect, avoiding these common mistakes, it will help to get good organic search engine traffic as well as direct traffic.

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