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Google Rolls Out New Feature For Similar Pages Search

Its quite difficult task to all to retain the position that they are having. If they are in high position, they tempt to do some changes, introducing fresh things and lots of experiments. Google, the search engine giants still has the major part in the industry but they still like to improve themselves. Well, as a users I should welcome this movement by Google. Whatever Google does, it aims to give add some extra feature to the users. Here comes another Google update – another experiment by Google. And yes, another good piece of update from Google.

Many peoples spend more time to find out the similar searches and right query on Google. To make easy for the users Google has launched a new feature “pages similar to”.

Google said:
“We’ve offered a “Similar” feature on results for a while now as a way to discover new, useful sites, but it hasn’t been too visible. Since we’ve been continuously improving this feature and we think it’s really useful, we’re now going to start showing these alternative sites more prominently. Starting this week, for queries where similar sites are likely to be helpful, we’ll display a list of “Pages similar” at the bottom of the results page. For example, this is the list of sites similar toDisclaimer:Disclaimer: Direct Relief International”

Pages similar to directrelief.org

This feature is available in US and soon it will be visible to all region. This feature is an alternate way of showing a list of related searches. Instead of showing similar searches, Google displays a list of pages that are similar to the top result.

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One comment on “Google Rolls Out New Feature For Similar Pages Search
  1. BMartin says:

    For my one site all my competitors come up in the new similar box, but when doing a search on any of them my site is not included. I cant find any search that will bring up my site as a similar-to even though there are lots of sites listed as similar to mine.

    Any ideas on how to rank better for similar sites?

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