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Things You Should Know To Avoid Post Panda Nightmare

After the recent Panda update, we hear or read in blogs that many websites have been affected and their ranking, traffic had been drastically decreased. Interestingly, in every discussion that deals with traffic decrease or ranking drop, the webmasters sounds too positive about their site. They claim their website is an authority one, irrespective of having low quality content and link profile.

Google Panda Algorithm

Rather than keep complaining on Google, its best time to analyze about your site and make changes, that will help overcome this Panda Obstacles! There are several things that you can do to make sure that your sites doesn’t get affected by Panda Update.

Be Original

The Panda update talks vigorously about the quality and original content. Provide original content and search engine bots love these (Users Too). Search engines already have a duplicate content filter and with Panda rolling on you can’t expect to rank in top slots.


Quality not just Fresh

You can claim that I don’t scrap content from others and provide original content in my website and blogs! But the fresh content without any quality doesn’t going to help either. Work on generating quality and linkable content.


Socialize the Content

Have options to include user content wherever applicable. May be if you have product pages, you can allow users to add reviews / comments with rating scale. This helps keep the page fresh and attracts search engine bots.


Single Page can Hurt Entire Website

As per the new blog post from Googler Amit “low-quality content on some parts of a website can impact the whole site’s rankings”. Do you have any shallow content in your website. If yes, remove those low quality pages, merging or improving the content of individual shallow pages into more useful pages would be helpful.


Low Quality Link Profile

“Don’t rely on quantity, rely on quality”. This might sound like an old advice, but you have to say big good-bye to those low quality links. Sites like ezine articles, goarticles are the major looser in post panda. Don’t follow old school link building techniques like directory submission, article marketing etc… Try getting


Error Pages can Hurt too

Evaluate the Google webmaster console and look out for 404 error pages. Eliminate all error pages. If at all any error pages linked from outside content, try contact the webmasters and link them to the correct pages.


Bounces isn’t Good Anymore

Evaluate the bounce rate that are higher in Google Analytics, scan those pages for the possible errors like poor quality content, higher load time etc which causes the bounce rate and work on to improve them.


Cross Domain Linking

If your main website is linked between your own multiple websites (in order to influence the ranking), remove all the links. Do you feel secured, if you managed to host the sites in different IP? Nope, search engines like Google can easily hunt that.


Google’s recent panda update had changed the way sites were used to rank in search engine result pages. Search engine optimization is not about getting top rankings for every possible keyword. It is about getting top rankings for the right keywords and above all its about meeting the expectations of the website visitors.


Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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6 comments on “Things You Should Know To Avoid Post Panda Nightmare
  1. seoservices113 says:

    Awesome post for the sites trying to recover from the affect of Google Panda.Yup,instead of making a grumpy face towards Google,it is good to analyze our site.All the tips you quoted would help me out in this regard.The qualitative content rather being quantitative is the utmost element to be considered.


  2. Tim says:

    Hey, great article. Thanks for keeping it so simple which helps people like me understand stuffs easily about Panda algorithm. I read in a forum that displaying ads in the website could also Panda penalty. Is that true? if yes, how to avoid that. Cheers

  3. Mercy Livi says:

    Thanks for stopping by Tim. Great point to include with the existing ones! Ads too can make a negative impact. Say for example, if your site / page is padded with more ads and banners rather than content, Google may consider to drag down your website in SERP. This will not provide any good user experience in the website as users look for information not just ads. Removing such ads and improving the content quality will not only improve the SEO of your website, but also the Click Through Ratio (CTR) as well.

  4. Mercy Livi says:

    Thanks Jenny. Happy that you found the article helpful! Yes, when people move from quantitative to qualitative, I am sure that any such new algorithms can never frighten us! 😉

  5. Kelvin says:

    Thanks Mercy. I was really upset for panda updates as the ranking of our website was really affected. You are right that we have to first analyze our websites that why it is get affected. As I am doing seo and using the old techniques for link building. Can You please suggest me that which techniques I can use to increase our page rank.

  6. lucifer420 says:

    The SEO services group is very useful for a person who works in the field of link building. The tips given are excellent work. I really appreciate your work on this. After reading this, I got valuable information about SEO, thank you for your sharing.

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