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Probing Into The Evolving Strategy Of SEO Writing Over The Years

If you want to write the best content today in 2019 for a better SEO result and a higher rank in the Search Engine Result Pages, you will not only need to know the strategies followed today in SEO writing but also have to know how it evolved over the years. Quite obviously the SEO writing strategy followed in 2000 was different from the ones followed in 2010 and is significantly different from the ones followed today.

This type of knowledge is necessary because when it comes to writing content for SEO, those who do not learn from history are sure to make the commonly repeated mistakes and are sure to be doomed.

The strategies and advice of writing content that was given in the yesteryears are absolute, if not dangerously out of date. If you still use these techniques now that were once true and used extensively you will get your site penalized.

This is the case for all writers including:

Therefore, it is elementary that you go through a brief history lesson. This will enable you to know for sure the specific strategies that you should seriously avoid and differentiate between those SEO strategies that used to work once but no longer does and those that work superbly now. This will helps you to get to the front page of the SERPs and in the higher bracket due to your content.

SEO Content Writing Strategy in 2019

Looking at the changing scenario of SEO writing in a reverse mode, start with the strategies followed in 2019. The SEO strategy in 2019 is pretty innovative and mostly technical. This includes a couple of things.

Solving the Query of the Searchers:

This matters most in writing content. If you do not focus on this aspect your site will never rank well. This is because the search engines have become so much better and Google in particular at optimizing for solving the task of the searchers especially. This helps in different ways such as:

  • It helps the searchers accomplish the exact thing that they want to accomplish
  • It helps your writing to do the best job to solve the task of the searchers who will feel that they are most highly prized.
  • If your content is not able to do these, it will not rank well and even if it does for some reason, it will be very, and repeat very, short-lived. Your rank will be surely taken out by who focuses more, if not mostly on solving the query of the searchers.

Matching the Intent:

This is another essential feature for writing SEO optimized content in 2019. In fact, matching user’s intent is much more important now than exact keyword matching. Today, no dependable SEO service will suggest you create a page that is not relevant to the exact product. For example, if you deal with watches, talk about watches only and not clocks, though both these products serve the same purpose: tell you the time.

Time is what has changed and have become short for users. Therefore, it is extremely essential to find out the intent of the searcher so that you deliver the best and most desired solution to your specific users.

If you use several keywords that share the same type of intent you will need to create a single page that will serve that intent as well as all of those keywords or at least most of them that perfectly represents that intent.

SEO content writing strategy in 2009

Looking at the SEO content writing strategy a decade back from now you will see that:

  • The maximum emphasis was given on the use of keywords. It was used in only important locations irrespective of the number of times, many or less, used in the entire content.
  • Exact matching of the keyword with the pages as well as the intent was more predominant than before though it was used in a lot of places.
  • Focus was more on crafting unique pages simply for the keywords that common the same intent.

That means, for example, if you sell both watches and timepieces then it is better and will be more productive to have two different pages for two different products. This is not the case in 2019 anymore.

Also, in 2009, the domain names were much less powerful and it was further less powerful in case of subdomains. However, both domains and subdomains were still influential and had a significant role to play in the search engine ranking. Back then, a lot of debate was seen regarding the creation of a domain that is keyword rich.

One thing emerged in 2009 and onwards which was the use of links in the content. This practice was found to be overwhelmingly powerful as compared to on-page signals. Back then and now, writing contents in order to gain more links is unbelievably prized, albeit with a bit more innovation in it.

SEO content writing strategy in 2000

In 2001 however, most of the things related to content writing with a focus on SEO was mired in untainted mythology. A few of these were even mired in historical facts that were not updated. Back then, writing for SEO meant:

  • Keyword stuffing: This was a real tactic followed to rank highly in early search engine result pages and was effective. Keywords then were crammed into all possible locations including the tags.
  • Keyword variants: There were several different variants of keywords used and reused then. There were some ridiculous variation in grammar and plurals because the search engines were not developed as it is now to spot such differences.

Back then, use of domain name and subdomain as a keyword looked silly but did help in search rankings most effectively.

The most significant difference in SEO writing practice as compared to those decades back is that back then it was written for the machine but now it is and should be written for the humans. This will not turn them off to move on to other sites, instead of yours.

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