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Everything You Need to Know about Optimizing Your Domain to Boost Sales

The equation is pretty simple and truly basic when it comes to the optimization of your website or domain landing page with respect to the search engines. A perfectly optimized domain means higher internet traffic. As the traffic goes up for the site, the chances of you making a potential sale also increase. Drive your domain ranking higher with SEO tricks and tips. And do not forget to invest in a third party external SEO service agency to get all the necessary professional help you require.

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In the following article, our experts have compiled a set of SEO tips that you can follow easily to drive the search result rankings and sales for your domain and business venture.

Make Your Website Faster

Increasing site speed is the best bet when it comes to audience engagement and retention. Unfortunately, the site loading times for a domain is generally the most overlooked one. Research data proves that the entire internet user base expects a site to load within 2 seconds.

The higher the site loading time, the lower is the audience retention for the domain. You will lose half of the users if the site loading time increases by just one second. Most users will abandon the site never to return. Now there are various avenues that you can explore to get the site loading times down to the industry standards. These have been listed as the following,

  • Start by reviewing all the in-page elements and make sure that you only have the required elements. If you cut down on the unnecessary add-ons and tools, the site loading times are brought down by 40% according to SEO experts.
  • You also need to optimize the video and image with respect to the specs and the size. The compression of all the playable media is the ideal way to bring down the site loading time to a much lower value.
  • You also need to enable the browser caching which will be beneficial for the repeat visitors to your site. Browser caching allows for the storage of some amount of data in the user end browser so that the loading time comes down when the individual visits the domain the next time.
  • You need to reduce the number of unnecessary plug-ins and advertisements to increase audience retention.

Since most of the optimization techniques are quite technical, you need to invest in a professional SEO service as soon as possible. Your competitors aren’t waiting for you to catch up.

About the Very Important “https://” Link

Another technical aspect of the SEO strategies and here you need to understand that the safety features installed in your domain will account for the popularity and useful metric for your site. The average internet user is always on the look-out for a domain that is safe and secure. The example of a reliable site is the SSL link coupled with http:// links and these are the few parameters the user looks for before visiting a website.

And it’s not just the consumer base, the search engines also look for secure sites and rank them higher in the search results. Some search engines like Google and MSN will also block unsecured and potentially harmful sites. Get a secure https:// link for your site today and avoid investing time, money and effort into an invisible domain which doesn’t attract internet traffic. Secure links also correspond to better data about referrals from Google Analytics, which means you can keep tabs on the necessary generation points of the traffic.

Don’t Forget to Optimize the Mobile Site

These days it has become imperative that you optimize your domain with respect to the mobile, tab and other handheld devices. The popularity of these handheld devices is tremendous, and users are always on the lookout for products and services on the go. You need to make sure that the website or the landing page is optimized to fit a smaller resolution screen and the content is readable, accessible and easy to navigate on handheld devices.

To Improve the Metrics for Traffic and Engagement

User engagement is defined by the average amount of time the user spends at your domain. Your domain needs to have low bounce ping rates which means that consumers get hooked to your content and services on offer.

Are you thinking about how you can achieve this? Follow these simple steps!

  • You need to make the content including the blog posts and article easy to comprehend. This is vital for audience retention. Sentences should not be complex; paragraphs should be broken down to smaller ones and articles should be in the “listicle” format.
  • The use of images should be throughout the post so that any visit to your domain is worthwhile and users can easily understand what your campaign is all about.
  • Additionally, you need to understand that by providing all the information which is educational to the viewer for understanding your campaign and services, you can achieve better audience metrics concerning traffic and engagement.

It brings us neatly to the user experience for your domain which is the primary tool for audience retention. Let us have a look at what is UX and how to achieve it.

Focus the UX (User Experience)

The ranking system for the search engines depends on the UX or the user experience, and the truth is the search follows the user and not the other way around. So the better your domain is when it comes to an understanding all the information and detail, the better are your chances to make a sale. These are the following steps you can take,

  • Your site should be easily navigable, and categories, page marks, and links should be listed clearly so that the average user has no difficulty accessing.
  • Use clean and easy to view word format schemes and fonts. Additionally, you can use color schemes to make it easy for users to locate services, products, and offers from your campaign.
  • To bring your articles and blog posts to the industry standard, use H1 tags for headings, H2 for subheadings and so on.

These are some of the basic SEO tricks and tips that you can employ to optimize your domain to drive the domain ranking higher. Hire a professional SEO firm and brainstorm for that perfect strategy that will work for your domain and campaign. All the best!

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