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Rank your Website High on SERP in 2019 – Some New and Effective SEO Strategies

Besides the fact that SEO is top notch digital marketing practice used by a number of businesses, it is the most fragile. A little change in your type of implementation can affect the ranking, and there are more than 200 factors to focus on. Still, the ranking is based on a few factors mainly. Due to this reason, learning the best strategy and following them wisely is necessary to gain traffic.

In this post, you will learn about a number of things and the below mentioned are some of the major ones that can definitely come in handy

  • Optimization for Mobile
  • Technical SEO Rules
  • Loading Speed of Website
  • Marketing Content
  • User Experience

After following all these rules, running a website become easier. Let’s learn about all these and get to know about in brief.

1. Mobile Optimization

Looking at the stats about traffic sources, the top source is the mobile phone. The reason is a convenience because everyone has the smartphone to load heavy websites easily. This particular reason can make you focus on creating a mobile-friendly website which will be enough to increase the traffic on a website. Even, Google’s algorithm is totally based on it, and you will love to try these methods for sure.

If the website is loading at a faster rate on mobile then adding plugins for cache will do the same work at better speed. Most of the experts create websites which are totally optimized for a number of platforms. The popular platforms are Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. You should also consider it to avoid getting into any issue and this will help in various manners.

2. Technical SEO Rules

Technical SEO is the practice of maintaining the inner stuff of a website so that you can get the ranking without any issue. To get the same benefit, you have to focus on the below-mentioned rules.

  • Create a website which is certainly mobile friendly and qualifies all the tests easily. Creating such websites takes time, but it can help to get an intense amount of traffic with ease.
  • Status codes are important to check because these are related to the functionality of the website. If there is anything wrong, then you have to correct that. It can take a little time in the beginning, but you can definitely rely on it and go well.
  • Duplicate title and meta-description can make the content less approachable by Google algorithm. Always check the plagiarism and then upload content on your website. This will let you avoid some major problems easily.
  • As technical SEO is playing an important role in business online marketing and gaining traffic, you should be auditing the website content wisely. Checking traffic stats about all the tags can make the content better to approach.
  • Broken links can create an unexpected problem and decrease the traffic on a particular page. This will definitely affect the ranking of your website, but you can keep overviewing all the links to avoid getting into such problems.

These are some of the necessary things to check about technical SEO, and you must focus on these tips to go well.

3. Loading Speed of a Website

Every reputed SEO company will use many tools to check out loading speed because it makes the website approachable by Google Chrome. If you are getting an intense amount of traffic, then the website is properly optimized, and there is no issue with the loading speed. But, if there is lower website loading speed, then you need some additional plugins for cache or the latest design.

It can take a little time to gain all those benefits because if the website needs to change the programming language then it will be time-consuming and you have to spend a couple of hundred dollars again. This will make the website down for a few days, and then you are ready to gain the benefit. Choosing the right CMS is always important that’s why you should check out all the languages and their pros and cons to avoid the trouble.

4. Marketing Content

Content is the king as per most of the experts, and they will say that publishing quality content which is unique and have higher readability score can make the website better. So, you should be marketing content and getting quality content written for your website.

Creating a content hub is an easy option can it can make you get the same benefits at lower cost. Do not approach for cheap solutions because it can affect the ranking and set you in trouble. Writing an article related to news or what’s trending can increase the traffic easily that’s why you can try it out and go well.

Publishing plagiarized content can be a bad choice that’s why you should be avoiding all those things. It can increase traffic and gain a range of benefits without any issue.

5. User Experience

The easy to use interface can help to improve the experience of every visitor. Creating a beautiful website with the impressive design is the first thing, but it isn’t everything if the website is not functional. Due to this reason, you should check out the functionality of all the tools used and keep adding necessary plugins to help with the usability. It will take a little time, but you can rely on it.

When you are covering content related to any news, then try to come up with the facts, and it will improve the experience. So, the overall thing is, your website must be functional, every feature should be on top so that they can reach without any issue and you give the option to newsletter subscription because it will also help to boost the traffic on a website.

Bottom Line

Due to all the reasons mentioned above, you should use effective strategies. Gaining the normal amount of traffic is easy with this method. Hope, you will gain all the desired benefits and traffic by implementing such practices.

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