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Geo-Targeted PPC Campaigns for Improved Lead Generation

Lead generation is the leading topic allover the blogging world and it suits every part of marketing as its a final destination for every marketer through which the success of the marketing campaign is calculated. In this post I am going to cover lead generation for local PPC campaigns. Local PPC campaigns best suits for people like attorneys, dentists, restaurants etc. Because when a doctor is running his clinic in New York he will not look for patients from Alaska or Hawaii. Thus, a locally-based business performs their service locally, but may attract folks from across the globe, depending on how special their service is. The below graph shows the demand for online local advertising.


Keyword Research:

To start with we need to do extensive keyword research. This involved analyzing the competitiveness of the keyword, average traffic volume and the competitors involved for the search query etc. The biggest challenge we face is lack of understanding the way customers would thing. The first step involves in analyzing and finalizing the keywords that best describe your product service along with your geo-graphic location.

Primary Keyword: Family Attorney
The possible combination we can opt for:

  • Family Attorney + town or village
  • Family Attorney + township
  • Family Attorney + town
  • Family Attorney + village + town
  • Family Attorney + state
  • Family Attorney + Zip
  • Family Attorney + State + Zip

If you SEO optimize your website you might not be interested in using stop words like “in” “with” etc in keywords. But while your target local PPC campaigns don’t forget these golder words as these way your customers search for.


  • Family Attorney in New York
  • Family Attorney in 22942

Extended Geo-Targeting:

Some people will have no problem what so ever in driving two to three hours finding a great restaurant or consulting with a good doctor. To take advantage of these folks we can extend our geo-targeting.


  • Thai Restaurant North Miami, FL
  • Thai Restaurant North Miami Beach, FL

Content Targeting:

Keep in mind that with content, we are interrupting with people directly, so the ads will be different. So don’t just copy paste the ad copies you serve in search network, that may not work in content network. Plus, you can do banners (try some images) and use demographic targeting. Try bid appropriately based on cost-per-lead and the traffic will be almost as good as search if you pay good attention in filleting good amount of negative keywords.

What other geo-targeting tips do you have? Do share in the comments.

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Disclaimer:The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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4 comments on “Geo-Targeted PPC Campaigns for Improved Lead Generation
  1. wayn says:

    Suggestions are considered, thanks.

  2. Sathiya says:

    Good points. Also we can test the keyword performance in two ways,

    1. Keyword + city/location name
    2. Keyword alone (since we are opting for geo targeting)

    The second option would perform well!
    Also for the content campaign PPR plays main role

  3. real estate crm says:

    I found PPC great for generating leads,

  4. Blue Hand says:

    First of all i would like to thank for sharing such Good points with us.
    I am new in ppc world, i always get a problem in selecting good keywords, but now onwards i will be following your points….. Thanks Again.

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