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5 Useful Applications of Yahoo

There are many advantages in using Yahoo. Here I have discussed some of the useful Yahoo applications

Yahoo Open Search Platform – Search Monkey

Yahoo Search Monkey is a open source platform that allow users and publishers annotate and enhance search results associated with specific web sites. It allows third party publishers to customize and brand their search results. Yahoo’s search gallery helps users to quickly customize the search results. Yahoo is collecting the most useful applications into a gallery that searchers can enable for their own Yahoo search results. Find below a sample Search Monkey application from a Yahoo search Gallery.


Yahoo One Search with Voice

Yahoo!® oneSearch™ allows users search for information easy and fast using voice. Users can just speak into their phone and get relevant and accurate results. It uses natural way of speaking to initiate a search.


Digital Ad Platform

Yahoo’s new technology of Unified Digital ad platform, APT, is a single platform for digital advertising, including ad serving, ad network and ad exchange. The platform would help publishers target geographic, demographic and interest based audiences easily. It helps connecting all market players and streamlines the process of ad-buying across multiple accounts and across multiple publishers and enable creative testing and campaign optimization.

Yahoo Maps

The Yahoo Maps offers a powerful way to experience and use maps. The maps can be read easily and the resolution of the satelite views are better. We can easily find directions using Yahoo maps. We can create rich contextual interactive map using Yahoo Maps API. We can embed Yahoo local listings, weather reports, upcoming events and Flickr photos to the map. We can even make it user interactive. Thus Yahoo maps API can be used to embed rich and interactive maps to our website.

Yahoo User Interface Library (YUI)

The Yahoo User Interface (YUI) Library is a coherent collection of JavaScript and CSS resources used to create interactive web applications using AJAX, DHTML and DOM scripting. It was founded by Thomas Sha and sponsored internally by Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang. Examples of some of the utilities are Animations, Browser history manager, Cookie, Data source, Drag and Drop, ImageLoader, JSON etc.

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