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Ideas to Improve Online Sales in Recession

Wherever you are, you cannot eliminate yourself hearing from fuel prices up, stock market crashes, job cut, layoff etc. And for sure all these effects would be felt by many businesses and could be by any of you reading this same blog post. With the help of some simple and innovative ideas business owners and marketers could win the recession.

Internal Website Audit – Make Internal SEO audit if you are familiar with SEO. Draw a clear map what all should be done with the website in order to make the website more search engine friendly as well as user friendly. Categorize your analysis into various segments like usability, SEO, conversion, navigation etc. This will help you to structure your further plan with the website.

Hire SEO Consultant – If you are not familiar with SEO, you can hire a SEO Consultant who can handle the above said points and guide you further in implementing the changes to be done. Make sure you hire a consultant who is effective in handling a website with multiple needs. Make necessary changes in the website according to the final outcome of SEO Audit.

Be Innovative – A small change in “Call to Action” would help you increase online sales. Ex, change of image size, change in color scheme etc. The best way to analyze the right set of combination would be free tool from Google, “Website Optimizer”. Make sure you use it and find the right combination. Be innovative in your approach to generate more leads. Need a higher conversion rate, set a clear call to action.

Engage Customers – The present economy is obviously not in the best condition right now and every business need a good sales under the belt. Interacting with the customers will help you prosper in business. We can name a few like blogging, user generated content and feedback and review systems under this.  These services offer great ways to engage your customers.

  • Blog – Share your knowledge or advice with your customers
  • Review / Feedback – Read your customers mind and plan your business accordingly

Follow your Competitor – Successful businesses are the one who get noticed from the competitive market. Monitor your competitors and beat them with unique service / discounts. Don’t neglect your related industries as well. Monitoring your own vertical market will not yield much. When a new product / technology is emerging in your related industry, if there is a natural collaboration between two go grab it and introduce in your website before your competitors make it.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected here.

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4 comments on “Ideas to Improve Online Sales in Recession
  1. Chaitanya says:

    G8 post..

    I am in perfect lines with the Idea of having internal site audit,tactics to engage cutomers and following competitors…to improve sales in recession..

    My only contadiction is with the Idea of hiring SEO consultant

    I think SEO benefits are more longterm in nature and the idea of getting on board a professional consultant would increase overal current cost…


  2. Mercy Livi says:

    @Chaitanya – Thanks for stopping by. Regarding your thoughts on “Hiring SEO Consultant”, yes I do agree hiring an professional consultant would be the best option and I did reflected the same in my post saying “Make sure you hire a consultant who is effective in handling a website with multiple needs.”

  3. atrorcexarl says:

    Good blog post!)))

  4. Great post on the internet works. I used to just simply to a little blogging but I found out that social bookmarking and search engine submissions are also helpful for marketing. I will be trying that soon.

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