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Is Google playing spoilsport with India SearchMaster 2009

Is it a coincidence that both the SearchCamp 2009 and Google’s SearchMaster 2009 fall on  Saturday,  28th February, 2009 or Is it just that Google is trying to overshadow the event ?

I was wondering about it for quiet a long time and just could not workout whether this is a mere coincidence or Is there anything suspicious about it ?

The SearchCamp was announced much earlier and it provides a wonderful opportunity for Webmasters and SEOs  throughout India to get together and participate at a national level event to share their views and experiences.

Google surprisingly has played spoilsport by announcing SearchMaster 2009 on the same day and split the two events in half. Most Webmasters and SEOs with whom I have talked are extremely disappointed with this clash of events.

Hope something quickly happens to postpone anyone of the event so that we get a chance to attend both, even though SearchMaster is invitational. But, I wonder whether Google will back down, which I personally don’t think so as Google likes to be a bully everywhere, or will both events go as planned ?

Please do leave in your views so that we could move this thought forward.

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