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SearchCamp Vs SearchMasters 2009

With more than 300 participants registered for the Searchcamp 2009, a two day event aimed to bring together the best minds to talk about internet marketing and the organizers trying hard to rope in international experts including Avinash Kaushik, Matt Cutts etc now there seems to be a sudden twist in the event. This is because of the Google SearchMasters Conference 2009 being organized on the same day.

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Searchcamp 2009 is scheduled for February 28 and March 01, 2009 in Tidel Park, Chennai and SearchMasters 2009 is a one day event scheduled for February 28, 2009 in Google Office, Bengaluru the same day as the other event starts.

Now let us see a comparison on topics, speakers and other details on both the event,

Details SearchCamp SearchMasters
Organizers The Knowledge Foundation Google
Registration Entry Fee Rs. 500/- Invitational
  • Organic SEO
  • Paid Search
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • SEM Careers
  • Webmaster Central and Best Practices
  • Webmaster Help Forum
  • Google Custom Search
  • Building Mobile Friendly Websites
  • Google Analytics and Website Optimizer
Presenters Yet to finalize
  • Adam Lasnik – Google’s Search Evangelist
  • Vivaik Bharadwaaj – Manager, Search Quality Team for India and Korea
  • Koti Lvaturi – Strategist and Search Quality Team
  • Rajat Mukherjee – Product Manager, Google
  • Ankit Gupta – Google Mobile Team
  • Dinesh Jain – Google Analytics Specialist
  • Deepak Kumar – Google Analytics Team

In my opinion if you are invited for the SearchMasters 2009 it would be the best option to learn more about Google tools else SearchCamp 2009 is a must attend event.

Update: With both events taking place on the same day, the organizers of the SearchCamp are having a discussion on postponing the event. The discussion will be finalized by today or tomorrow.

Watch out the space for more updates

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3 comments on “SearchCamp Vs SearchMasters 2009
  1. Mercy Livi says:

    A very good initiative from Google! If any one of the event is on another date (Since both the event occur on same date) webmasters would be more comfortable attending both the search workshops. Thumps up to both the events. 🙂

  2. Excellent summary and well written. I would like to attend Searchmasters if at all i get invited.

  3. tabsfiroz says:

    Does any one think that SearchCamp stands a chance…Who do you think will attend it ? Well, I guess I know, those who dont get invited by Google…Yeah…good luck fellas…hahaha

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