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Matt Cutts Vs Bing Faceoff in Twitter

The Bing followers of twitter was recently informed that www.bing.com is live and more information to come soon. Matt Cutts being one of the followers immediately appreciated the launch of Bing but with his feedback. The entire conversation started to heat up with constant replies from Matt Cutts (Google) vs Betsy (Bing). Please find their tweets below,

Bing: Ladies and Gentlemen, www.bing.com is live. 🙂 (rollouts will continue however to partners and other mkts, more to come) ^betsy
Matt Cutts: Congrats to @bing on the launch! Sad to see this not-so-relevant result at #4 for [matt cutts] though: http://bit.ly/4a8Q1Y
Bing: @mattcutts anytime you want to give feedback to @bing, we’re here. 🙂 I’m sitting with the devs at present. ^betsy
Bing: @mattcutts I know you are disappointed in ego search stuff tonight w/ @bing, but try ‘mtv movie awards 2009’ and see what you get. 🙂 ^ba
Matt Cutts: Ouch. The #5 Bing result for [matt cutts] is spammy too: http://bit.ly/B2r5F It’s a YouTube->WordPress autogenerated blog. 🙁
Matt Cutts: @bing okay. First web result was from 2008 instead of 2009, even with 2009 in query: http://bit.ly/SToK1 . Google nails it.
Matt Cutts: @bing but doesn’t it bother you that [mtv movie awards] on Google gives great news results and 2009 url, but w/Bing I only see 2008, 2007, ?
Bing: @mattcutts Uh – the first answer folks see is the news answer, not what you circled. Apparently twilight won. ^ba
Matt Cutts: @bing by the way, Twilight did rock. I’m not ashamed to say it–glittery vampires rule!! 🙂
Danny Sullivan: @mattcutts give @bing a break. you know it takes time to hard code those mtv movie award results.

As you can see that it was Danny Sullivan who joined the conversation but Matt Cutts quick to sign off from twitter.

Hope to see more such tweets and heated conversations b/w Betsy (Bing) and Matt Cutts (Google). Lets see how good they are at justifying their results and comparison.

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2 comments on “Matt Cutts Vs Bing Faceoff in Twitter
  1. Kolammal Shankar says:

    Cool post. It’s fun to watch these people fight so publicly. While Matt Cutts tries to push Betsy’s buttons as much as possible, Betsy adopts a cool-indifferent attitude…think, that is the best way to deal a guy like Matt. 🙂

  2. CRV says:

    Cool Article. Finally Google has a competitor in Bing 🙂

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