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Conversion Tips for Corporate Websites

A website works as part of your company’s brand which is a permanent voice or message that your company communicates to the public.  Here are few tips to improve the conversion rate for a corporate website.

1. Design
Plan your Corporate website such that it is designed to clearly define your image/ reputation and your planning should further enhance your online branding.

  • A well defined navigation structure is like having a clear direction and a smooth road to reach your destination so take care that your website is designed with high usability and good internal linking stucture even for the new visitors who lands in any of your website.
  • Analyzing your audience will help you to align your business goals well.
  • Make sure that the call to action and contact details are made clear in your website.
  • Having a custom 404 error page will help to your visitors to return to your website when they land on a broken link.
  • Don’t forget to include the user sitemap.
  • Design a Favicon your website which helps in branding your website and helps to visually identify your site to new and returning users, and contributes to a sophisticated, professional look.
  • Include web 2.0 features in your website and blog which is the current trend in online marketing.

2. Testimonials

Testimonials are the word-of-mouth endorsements that ca improve your credibility and the trust of your business. When it is done right they the strong tools for improving the business. If you add fake testimonials it may in turn create a negative impact on your business.

  • Make sure you include the right testimonial at the right place and the testimonial subject matter should be relevant to the information around it.
  • Video Testimonials still help to boost your sales since it has a more reach compared to the written testimonials.

3. Include your Team’s Profiles and Photos

Pictures of your team members and a small introduction about them can be added in your “About Us” page. Adding such Images in the website can help visitors connect with the business more quickly and the visitors get to know about the people you represent the business.

4. Technology Blogs

Blogging offers the best opportunities for online marketing. Having a blog in your website helps the customers to know about your thought leadership in the industry. The niche post relevant to your industry increases your credibility when readers hold a high esteem of you as a leading expert in your industry. Blogs are easy-to-use, cost-effective web publishing with content management tools will helps to drive potential traffic to your website. Dont miss to include the RSS feeds for your blog which will very much useful for the readers to read all the latest post and updates on your blog.

5. Build your Online Reputation

Few tips for building online reputation

  • Participate in the popular social networking websites like Linked In, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Keep your profiles updated.
  • Target your niche marketplace.
  • Enhance your credibility. Get quoted in magazines, be a guest on podcasts, speaking during conferences, etc.
  • Create online content that can link back to your website.
  • Do press releases for new business tie ups, partnerships, new product launches etc.,
  • Correct any false information and negative branding related to your website quickly.
  • Keep an eye on your reputation often.

6. Include your Assets

Including your companies assets like Case Studies, Technical White Papers, Videos and Web Casts in your website which help to increase your thought leadership and expertise in your field and there are many website which accepts your assets both free of charge and as a paid inclusion. Many website are offering lead generation programs for your asset submissions. Do include the certifications, awards and  main credentials that your company have achieved in your home page. This helps to increase the trust on your company among the customers.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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