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What one must do/expect Before, During and After a SEO Campaign? – Part I

This is the first part of the four part series blog and in part I have taken the route where we finally reach the importance of an well thought about and planned SEO process as a result of a series of worst and best case scenarios that come up during and after the launch of an online business website, launched by a highly motivated and positive start up business man. So before we move on to the must do and expectations part of a SEO campaign, as the title of the post reflects, let us sit back and first answer this simple question and weed our way through to find a good reason to land upon one. So the question goes as “Why do I need a SEO campaign in the first place for my website/online business?” Being a guy who has never politely answered to anyone most of the times, my simple answer is ‘Make Money D’oh!!!’

Simple yet Complicated!!!

So let’s make this simple answer a little bit more complicated (yeah I know what u thinking of right now). Yes everyone who starts an online business wants to earn money and see his bank balance go in the green direction all the way up (c’mon baby). That’s what I would expect and that’s pretty much what you should.

So an online business would mean a website where you would sell your goods or services to potential customers. So your website is ready now, you got a brilliant design from a hi-fi designing guy, your programming is taken care of by a similar hi-fi IT guy and you are done, after making quiet an investment that is. You mail your friends about your website, you tell people who you meet in person about your new website and similarly spread the word to the people who you know and expect them to tell the same to people who they now and so on.

Come down to Earth, Please. And use Google

But at the end of the day, none of the things that you thought would happen never happened. The next big thing in your life that you thought would be, you selling your goods/services in the web, from your website that would make you richer, never really took off. So what do you do? Hell yeah ‘Google It’, everyone does that, let me try. And after spending hours sitting in front of your computer and if you had done it properly, you would have probably come across the terms like ‘Internet marketing’, ‘Website optimization’, ‘Search Engine Optimization or SEO’, ‘Search Engine Marketing or SEM’, ‘Online Marketing’, ‘Website Promotions’ and similar terms most of them which pretty much mean the same and many other things like ‘make money from home’, ‘believe us we will fill your bank account with a million dollars in a month and take care of your website'(mostly crap) and other million terms/phrases/ideas/tips whatever they may be.

State of Oblivion – Yikes I hate it

So by this time you would have pretty much got a basic idea on what most of the terms would mean and if you believe in something called reality you would not fall in the trap of making millions by just paying thousands to someone and do nothing. No you would not. Instead you go back to your design guy and ask him what you should do? He refers back you to the IT guy saying he has heard of something called SEO for making your website appear in Google and he strays off. Next you call upon the IT guy asking him what SEO means, he says that it is something where you optimize your website so that it is search engine friendly and your website appears in the search results if it matches what you type in. Obviously you would ask him whether your website is so called ‘Search engine friendly’ or the ‘Search engine’s best pal’ assuming you did not see your website appear in what you sell for and he too strays off in the dark saying it is and then it’s not and leaving you in oblivion.

Finally we reach SEO, finally.

So when after all that sinks in, your next positive step in making your website the ‘next big thing’ you always dreamt of, would be by you start searching for a SEO or an Internet marketing company to make things work. But this time you realize that before jumping on to the first hi-fi SEO you hear about, you decide to research, move swiftly and plan so that your investments pay off and you finally start making real money.

In Part II, I will explain what you must do/expect before you start an SEO/SEM Campaign and the questions you need to ask and will pretty much cover all aspects and try to put it all in a nut shell, followed by what you should do during and after the SEO/SEM campaigns in following parts.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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