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What one must do/expect Before, During and After a SEO Campaign? – Part II

In the previous part we saw how one starts an online business and ends up in oblivion and then starts realizing that he needs something other than a cool website to make his fortune online and finally realizes the importance of SEO and online marketing.

So what’s in store here?

Here we will dig through what you must do before you land up in the laps of a SEO Campaign(OMG is it so tough?). We will see how you set your goals right and make sure you are clear about what you need. And hopefully we will put all the bits and pieces in a nut shell so that they make sense. And by saying this we revisit our best pal, Google.

Google – My best pal, where have you been?

So at the end of the day, we set Google as our primary goal. Not exactly google but the SERP. We need to rank well for what we stand for in Google, which in turn will automatically generate traffic. But by just saying that Google is best your pal, it does not mean Google will give special reservations to you and will automatically take your website to the first page. No thats not what I mean here. We are going to do this by ethical ways, that would hopefully be caught by Google and will make our website rank in the first page and make it a credible source.

Goals – Traffic, Conversions and The other traffic (also from Google)

So our primary goal was Google, but our final Goals which are far more important than the primary ones can be pointed down to these two following factors, along with a million other goals which we would not touch upon here will be,

* Organic rankings driving higher traffic.
* Conversions that guarantee good ROI and a big fat smile!!!

Organic rankings driving higher traffic would basically mean that your website must rank well for what it stands for and there by generate traffic (quality traffic that is) from the SERP.

Conversations that guarantee ROI and a big fat smile would mean the traffic that your website generates from the search engine must be of quality, which means it should convert, in simple words if you sell, the traffic should buy. And if that happens you will automatically have a better ROI and a big fat smile!!! Yes you will.

Coming to the point of the so called ‘Other traffic’ well here what I meant was Google allows you to run an Adwords Campaign (a kind of Internet advertising) so that even if your website doesn’t rank well in the organic rankings, they will show up in the sponsored links part based on the query typed in the search box. Now these factors will depend upon your budget and other factors but it is best to make some background check before embarking on it like whether start it along with the organic part or when once organic traffic and conversions are achieved and now if you need some thing extra from the sponsored part, then you can go for it, its up to you.

Getting down to Business

So once you have sorted out and finalized on what you expect and pretty much clear about your primary goals or targets, its now time to get down to business. Define your goals, time frame and budget and start your campaign. Be clear and reasonable in what you expect. You can’t expect number one ranking in one week and neither should you expect no conversions after and during the campaign.

And if you still have any reservations about where to go, well we will be extremely happy to help you out. Not only will we help you identify what your campaign needs we also will help you in getting a big fat smile back on your face!!!

Hopefully after reading this long and sometimes boring article you now might have a clear idea on what you must do/expect before embarking on a SEO Campaign for your ‘next big thing’, your online business. And in the following parts we will go through the during and after sections of a SEO Campaign in detail and give you a better and clear idea for thats what we stand for!

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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