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Three iPhone SEO Apps for Stronger Online Marketing

In today’s society, some of the most successful marketing takes place on the internet. With the ability to reach a massive amount of people with relatively little effort, the internet and internet communications have really rewritten the rules for the marketing game. It used to be that small ads on local television stations and newspapers were young or small businesses best way to reach a wide array of potential customers. In the past, it wasn’t until your company had a more major profit margin that you could afford a larger marketing campaign that reached a national audience. Today, companies small and large alike can market their product or services online and have hundreds of thousands of eyes see it for a relatively inexpensive price. The struggle with this is that millions of companies and businesses are doing it. With everyone online trying to be seen, actually being seen can become difficult. The key to a successful and profitable online marketing strategy is search engine optimization. Try these three SEO web applications to help you better market your services to a wider audience online.

Analytics App:

This fantastic app allows users to access all of their reports and data for their website from the palm of their hand. The Analytics Application provides you with over 55 different reports including overview reports, visitor reports, traffic reports, content reports, event tracking reports, and custom reports like landing page effectiveness or adwords keyword visualization. It is essential for any webmaster wishing to draw a profit from their website to pay close attention to the web analytics concerning their site. Google analytics give you an idea of what aspects of your site are successful, who is visiting your site, what visitors are looking at on your site, and more. These statistics and reports help online businesses perfect their online marketing plan, so that they can become more profitable with their web marketing approach. The Analytics App allows you to email the analytics reports to yourself or your colleagues for later review. With these functions at your fingertips, this app makes you a more productive and informed business person.


This mobile application allows you to view your adsense accounts and review their history right from your cell phone interface. With a clean and simple interface, SenseEarn helps you stay current on your account activity, displaying the revenues per day, week, month, or channel for your website or websites. While Google adsense is not the only way to earn money off of a website, it is a popular strategy. Use this application to keep careful track of your adsense revenue, secure transactions, and store your adsense history.

SEO Automatic:

This application provides extensive analysis of on page factors and server side factors in optimization. The SEO Automatic App can evaluate up to 18 page elements ranging from alt tags to xml elements. With a dozen different tools aimed at aiding and improving Search Engine Optimization efforts for your website, this app is a great tool for any individual looking to perfect their online marketing. Use the SEO Automatic URL Checker to take a quick look at the on-page organic search ranking factors. Also, try the Link Variance Tool that allows you to put a list of URLs on one side and then a list of varied anchor text on the other side. Providing you with a complete list of every possible variation of text links and landing pages, this feature allows you to perfect your page content. Every aspect of this application will save you a significant amount of time in your SEO efforts and help you to easily earn more money with your website marketing techniques.


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