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Plan, Find and Reach: The New Link Building Story

Done with the on-page optimization for your website? Are you ready to get started with submitting your website to tons and tons of web directories and do-follow social bookmarking sites? Hold on! I know link building is getting tougher these days and most of us look for really easy ways to build a bunch of links in the shortest duration possible.

Remember, link building in the current scenario plays a wider role than just to promote/maintain/improve your SERP rankings, as it is also used in other important aspects of internet marketing like:

  • Building your brand identity
  • Managing online reputation for your business
  • Creating and sending trust signals to search engines by building authoritative links
  • Generating leads and highly targeted traffic to your website

A great link building campaign focuses on the three important aspects of Visibility, Traffic and Crawl rate.

Planning for the campaign
You need to plan well in advance to make sure your link building objectives are met. The initial analysis includes:

  • Overview and objectives of the website
  • Background history and detailed description about the service offerings
  • The selling point/USP of the website
  • Target audiences/customers for the site
  • Major competitors and their internet presence

This is followed by the analyzing the current scenario through:

  • Available link-worthy assets
  • Backlink analysis and understanding the external link structure
  • Links with industry online and offline magazines

Finding the best resources
Finding link sources is a wide topic and these tips should help you in finding them:

Creating Content

More content gets you more links. Some ideas that can generate loads of links are listed below:

  • Tutorials and how-to articles
  • Interviews with industry experts
  • Creating content worth sharing
  • Viral rich media content
  • Case studies, surveys, white papers etc
  • Online tools and apps

Reaching out
Manual outreach is one of the best link building practices, but it backfires at times. Nowadays, majority of the link building work is direct outreach and it’s highly effective. There are a lot of methods to create custom-made offers to the linking webmaster like:

  • Giving them additional content
  • Custom content like graphics etc
  • Exclusive coverage which makes them feel they are special
  • Guest blogging opportunities
  • Offering social spread of their blog across popular bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon etc
  • Offering exclusive interviews
  • Offering gifts or incentives to the webmaster

People try hard to filter out some good content from the noise on the web, so if you can convince them you are an expert in your vertical, they will read and share! In Web 2.0 world, people don’t link to you simply like that, they should believe your content will benefit their readers. Feel free to share the methods that you use up late in the comments.

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