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How to Increase Website’s Link Popularity

We might have spent lot of time and efforts optimizing our website by considering various factors like keyword prominence, density, proximity and other onpage techniques but your website may still not rank well for primary keywords in SERPs. So apart from these onpage techniques we must increase the link popularity of the site to achieve high rankings. Link popularity is the measure of inbound links to your web site. It is a very important factor because every major search engine now considers them as a part of their ranking algorithms. If you don’t have direct back links to your site, your keyword may not rank in major search engines like Google. There are a lot of ways to improve your site’s link popularity, which will give you a boost in the rankings.

Take time to get your site in shape before starting link building campaign. Design your website so that your website might look professional. Proper navigation can be made easy for users to navigate throughout the site . Check your whole site with HTML tools and validate it. Make sure there are no broken links in the site. So do your work on your site before you start promoting it and your linking campaign will be more effective.

Here are some guidelines to help you set up your own linking campaign.

1. Timing in link building:
Don’t expect to grow your link popularity overnight. Every day you have to work on link building. Since link building is a incremental activity spend at least couple of hours daily as part of your routine. Over time these one or two new links start adding up until they are hundreds or even thousands of links.

2. Establish realistic link goals:
Link building is difficult, frustrating and time intensive job. So don’t expect to see instant results. If you get one good quality link a month you’re doing better than the majority of sites out there. Patience and creativity are key to link building. Track your progress so you know who you’ve asked already. It could be embarrassing to ask a site for a link if they’ve already given you one. If a company initially declines your link request, wait a while and then ask again. Their focus may change over time.

3. Develop relationships:
Sending link exchange requests through bulk E- Mails are considered as Spam. Spam link requests do not work and are mostly ineffective. Sure, it’s easier, but it will only result in making another company mad at you. So don’t do it! Before you ask for the link, get to know the web site. Establish yourself as a real human first. That way, when you ask for a link, it’s harder for them to say no and develop a good relationship with web master it will be useful for future to get links more easier to your site.

4. Link Exchange Request:
When sending link exchange request mail to web masters. Make it easy for web masters to link to your site. Send the exact HTML code link of your site and suggest which page you want the link from. It will be most useful to web masters and it reduces the burden in setting up the link. Don’t made their job too hard. Make it easy your result will be fine.

Link popularity is very important and the link building process needs to be given high priority. Link analysis is only going to get more important to search engines, not less. Since link building takes time, the sooner you start the better the rankings. So think of link building as a long-term investment in your site. Put in a little time now to improve your linking today to insure a good search engine ranking in the future.

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Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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  1. It is really true. Success is never achieved overnight as there is no such thing as “overnight success”. Eventually, a sure way to reach the highest pedestal is to work hard and accordingly..remember not to step on others toes.

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