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Link Building – Do’s & Dont’s

Link Building is the process of getting quality inbound links to our website. It takes lot of time and effort to build a successful link structure for your website. Keep in mind that the quality of inbound links is more important than quantity of inbound links. Good links drive more traffic, credibility to your site and also boost your rankings. Link Building can affect your website’s rankings if not executed properly. There are many guidelines needs to be followed while building links. Herewith I am blogging about some of the major guidelines needs to be followed during link building process.


  • Concentrate on your niche and try to get links from quality websites with higher PageRank.
  • Try to get one way links from .gov, .edu and .org domains.
  • Monitor your links periodically for successful linking and update the broken ones. The search engine could reduce your rankings if  the broken link is there for a long time.
  • Create keyword-rich articles that are highly relevant to your niche and are useful to your viewers as well. There shouldn’t be more than two or three links per article posted for your site.
  • Be aware of rel=”nofollow” for links. Because links with nofollow attribute has no value in search engine point of view. No-follow attribute stops the hyperlink from passing the pagerank value to target web page.
  • Submit your website to major search engines and reputed directories of the Web and get it enlisted on all of them.
  • Choose the right keywords, make sure that search engine robots and human beings can easily understand the content and whatever keywords you use in the meta tags, make sure there is relevant content in the website.
  • Spy on your competitors and try to build links from their backlinks.
  • Do change your anchor text while link building process in order to obtain better rankings for your targeted keywords.
  • Submit your website to local and regional resources.


  • Do not have reciprocal links as a majority of your backlinks.
  • Don’t use blackhat techniques to build links.
  • Do not  participate in link exchange programs or link farms.
  • Don’t link with the pages which contains huge number of outbound links.
  • Don’t spam Wikipedia for links. However Wikipedia adds the “nofollow” attribute in outbound links ,it doesn’t help in increasing page rank which is the spammers main goal.
  • Do not spam other people’s blogs. Leave some worth while comments and avoid giving irrelevant comments as a reply to the post. Don’t leave the same comment on the same blog with different anchor text .
  • Don’t use duplicate content and don’t stuff your content with keywords.
  • Do not use automated software/tools for your link building process. Chances are high that you may get banned in the search engines if you do so.
  • Do not send emails frequently/bulk to the webmasters/site owners requesting for links.
  • Do not use cloaking or doorway pages. Cloaking  is a technique used to present different content to search engines and entirely different content to the users. Doorway pages are the web pages which are optimized only to attract search engine spiders. While such blackhat techniques are often used to optimize for certain keywords, they also heavily misrepresent your website to search engines.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post

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4 comments on “Link Building – Do’s & Dont’s
  1. SEO India says:

    Really your infomation is valuble.

  2. Hunt says:

    “Submit your website to major search engines” How outdated pl come up with something fresh and new…….

  3. Phil says:

    Backlinks are very useful for your site. This is because when you have plenty of backlinks, this would bring an increasing numbers of visits to your site. Traffic is very important especially when running an online shopping site. You would be certain that it would also increase the sales of your site but it would require time and effort.

  4. Chris says:

    very good article with lots of infromation. I will try your rules and hope I got some links more

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