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5 Ways to Make your Linking Profile Look Natural

Can you claim SEO to be the easiest job. May be true before few years. All you had to do is, stuff content with keyword, title, meta keyword tag, hire a SEO company to build 100s of junk links. But the time isn’t the same now. With Google Panda in place we need links from trusted domains and from quality pages, Need of more analytical SEO work and natural links to improve your visibility online and find top placement for the keywords you would like to bring traffic.

Spamming still being done by many and this will not lead for a long term success. Sometime you could witness a damn site ranking in top #1 result in SERP. But this is not a life time placement but just a short term. Such sites will automatically loses its credibility and ranking. Again if a new site gets 1000s of links from other sites in a single day, that will raise a flag in search engines.

Your link building activities should have a plan that should makes your link building activities looks more natural. Link building is a valuable weapon in website ranking.

Anchor Text Variation

Your main objective should be varying your anchor texts while building links. This will help your link campaign looks more natural with variety of anchor text as real humans link to your website. For example, if you run a website for Car Accessories and your link building campaign targets the base keyword as “Car Accessories” you can vary the anchor texts as “Car Accessories for Men”, “Car Accessories for Women” etc., This will not only make the link building looks natural but have a higher chances that the long tail keywords would rank at top very easily with the lesser of links. Thus we can expect good targeted traffic through these long tail keywords. It look more natural than exact match anchors and you build a link profile that is varied, and strengthen the whole website performance. There is a detailed and must see post from Rishil. You can also add synonyms for the targeted keywords which will surely help in more broader way.

No-Follow too Helps

While no-follow links doesn’t help pass link juice, that would certainly help pass the anchor text value. Don’t mistake this as spamming the web using blog comments, forum signatures etc., When you come across a linking opportunity from a good niche related website with no-follow attribute, don’t ignore this. This will help generate some direct traffic to the website.

Don’t Focus on Single Type

When building links, try not to focus on a single one type of work-flow. Your campaign should target multiple websites like some small sites, some large sites, some niche focused blogs, communities etc., There are sites that has low pagerank value capable of sending some good amount of traffic to your website.

Deep Linking

When someone finds your post more interesting / helpful they will link it to your post URL than the home page. Like wise, when you work on your link building strategies, make sure to spend equal amount of time and work for both home and deep links.

Relax and Don’t be in a Hurry

With the above mentioned points, building links over time is an equally important factor. We can’t expect a site to have a back-linking profile from 10-1,000 over night unless if your website has a good link bait article. A steep increase in the backlinks in a shorter span of time would definitely increase the possibility of raising flag. Building links over time is the safest and right way to build links.

When the above mentioned strategies are followed in your link campaign, your link profile will look more natural. Building a natural link profile for the website is about spending time on the collected information / places regarding the website niche and get your links placed there! Would you suggest any other mention here? Do share with us using the comments below.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post

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3 comments on “5 Ways to Make your Linking Profile Look Natural
  1. Mikhail Tuknov says:

    Ya i am agree with you but In my point of view to do natural link building yo should take care of few things like:-
    – Submission should be done manually.
    – The content used for link building should be unique and fresh.
    – You should built all kind of links on a regular frequency.

  2. Rachine says:

    It’s such an incredible post Mercy. I would like to share some more elements that makes a linking profile to look natural – 1. Avoid spammy sites 2. Quality 3. Focus on your brand 4. Use SMO etc..5. Build 5-10 % nofolow links with all dofollow links.

  3. Webtuu Design says:

    Great post Mercy

    Point about no-follow linking is quite correct and more often ignored by webmasters and SEO workers across the internet.

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