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Link Baiting

Link Baiting is the natural way of Link building. It is the process of bringing the links to your site through unique and popular content. You can write such a worthy content as an article or blog post or anything else. Page which is properly created can capture huge links on its own without little effort. Good content is the best thing to get links, visits and good positions at the search engine page results. To attract large number of visitors create content which can attract back links naturally. In simple, link baiting is a piece of content specifically designed for gathering links from different sources.

How Link Baiting works

If we publish a new page and set it to be free on web, Hopefully visitors pick on the fresh content if it is interesting they link to it..  A well formatted page can capture huge links on its own, with little effect. Timely current content can be a effective source for  getting links.

Types of Link Baiting

  • News Hook: A news hook is one where you provide content that others doesn’t know. You have to be the first one that publishes it. But it needs more dedication to achieve. Be the first to find the updates.
  • Resource Hook: A Resource Hook is one where you provide useful information for others. That information may be a set of links or collection of resources,etc. But it should attract and useful for others to link to.
  • Humor Hook: You can attract links using your sense of humor. Write some funny stories or jokes to get links. It may be funny photos or videos.
  • Contrary Hook: You can gain a link by giving contradictory view points against something someone else says. It is one of the easiest way of link baiting.
  • Attack Hook: It is similar to Contrary hook but slightly differ from that. Here you’re not only presenting contrary point of view but also launching personal attacks.

Benefits of Link Baiting

  • It avails in mass link building. The link show up naturally from all different sources.The thing is that they are not reciprocal.
  • We can drive huge drive of traffic from Social sites.
  • We can also get media publicity from major new sources.
  • People perceive you as the authority when you’re the member of such bookmarking sites. Bookmarks are not only for links, it avails for  people saving your bookmarks to revisit them in future. It leads to additional traffic for your sites.

Guidelines for Link Baiting

  • Create useful, unique and remarkable content.
  • Understand your audience and provide viral ideas to them.
  • Use striking Images, topics and tell stories.
  • Invest your time in research and gain reputation which is an important part of making link bait successful.
  • Generate information or ideas that people talk about is a best way to generate links.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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One comment on “Link Baiting
  1. Javs says:

    The most interesting part of this post is that it clearly gives me the idea of what link baiting is and its types, and which one can I use for my link building. It takes our time. We have to be dedicated for this and the links we get by this technique is of high quality, related and users get to visit it when its fresh and particularly of the news hook type.

    Thanks for the post.

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