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33 E-commerce Website Optimization Tips To Enhance Your Online Sales

Online business has increased as the purchase of products over internet has increased. So, optimizing e-commerce website is a must. Optimizing a website which has ten to twenty pages or even more can be optimized easily but optimizing an e-commerce website is a crucial job, it’s because this website contains thousands and thousands of pages which has to be optimized properly so as to get conversations from it. So, here I have listed certain things which would help you when you optimize an e-commerce website.

Onpage Optimization:

  1. The first and foremost thing in optimization is title tag of the page, because the user as well as the search engine first sees and gives importance to that, so providing product name as the title would do a great job here.
  2. Search for different combination of keywords and use the keyword which are most frequently searched and it should also describe the product fully.
  3. Product names can be given as H1 tags.
  4. When it comes for URL structure, e-commerce websites generally have dynamic URL containing session ID’s as it can be created easily, it would be better if we have static URLs with product names in it.
  5. Robots.txt file must be used to block admin panel pages, payment page etc to make sure they are secure.
  6. Duplicate Issues:

  7. Content is always a backbone of websites, hence it should contain full description about the products and many other online stores would sell the same product, so if you what to attract your visitors it can only be done by describing your product differently from other sellers.
  8. As e-commerce website always has many pages, it would be better if we define unique meta details for each pages in the website, which helps search engines to identify each pages without confusion.
  9. Design and Navigation Suggestions:

  10. All the products can be categorized properly.
  11. Inside each individual products page, other relevant products can also be made visible.
  12. If any product page is removed, it can be redirected to another product page or a custom 404 page can be created with the links that point to the main product pages, this ensures that we do not miss even a single visitor because of this.
  13. Best sold products ,and latest products i.e. the products which sell more frequently and the products which has offers can be provided in the home page.
  14. Breadcrumb navigation can be implemented which helps users to easily navigate in the website.
  15. Option to maximize images can be provided and even captions can be added to it.
  16. Design & resolution of images should be attractive.
  17. RSS feeds can be provided for products which will help users to subscribe on it and get notified when any new product or offers are introduced in the website.
  18. Product Optimization:

  19. Reviews, comments, votes and forum discussion for customers about the products can be added in the website
  20. List all the benefits of the products, and even compare qualities of other products for eg:size etc which would help user to make decision based on that.
  21. Compare products option can be provided which helps users to compare two different products by choosing and take decisions to buy products.
  22. Gift and seasonal offers can be provided in the website which increases sales.
  23. Have feedback forms which helps us to know more about the customers requirements.
  24. Social bookmarking buttons can be added near the products which helps users to share and save for future reference.
  25. Secured credit card system can be integrated in the website which is an important factor and provide trust to customers by providing symbols of renowned SSL certificates like Verisign, Geo Trust etc in home page.
  26. Search option should definitely be there, to search for products in the website.
  27. Options to track products when they are shipped can be provided, this helps customers to know the location of there product.
  28. Online customer care service or frequently asked questions page can be provided to clear customers doubts.
  29. Printable version of each product page can be created in order to make the users to print the details of the product. But the printable version pages should be blocked from search engines by robots.txt file to avoid content duplication issues.
  30. Testimonials on best sold products can be provided which would help in increasing user satisfaction and conversion rate. These testimonials can even be in text format or in video format below the products.
  31. Add to Cart option has to be provided for all the products and has to be made easily viewable.
  32. Quick checkout option can be provided which helps users to buy products without creating account in the website.
  33. Offpage Optimization:

  34. Adding products to shopping search engines like Google Products would help in increasing sales.
  35. You can promote your online store by building quality backlinks and the sales can be increased by submitting coupons and deals in shopping websites.
  36. Articles about the products can be explained in the blogs which helps in adding internal links of the product pages.
  37. Article and press release will yield more quality and valid link to your website.
  38. Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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11 comments on “33 E-commerce Website Optimization Tips To Enhance Your Online Sales
  1. Kavya says:

    Good Article Dhiviya! Very clear instruction on how to promote an E-commerce website.

    I have one query, could you please clarify? Suppose if I have an E-commerce website built with the dynamic pages which contains 20 important products in each page. I should concentrate these 20 products, then how is it possible to create a Title for these products. Is there any possibility? If yes, please explain…

    Thanks in advance


  2. Kavya says:

    Thanks for the reply Dhiviya 🙂

    Ok acceptable. But if it is a news based website where it updates 200 news daily, then how will you do?

  3. Jeffry Caudill says:

    Very helpful article…thanks! Most of these tactics and ideas can be applied to non-ecommerce sites as well.


  4. web application deve says:

    It is advisable to maintain your graphic sizes diminutive. When the pixel size of your graphics is too immense, your page loads slowly. Your readers might not wait that long.

  5. Kavya says:

    @dhiviya, how is it possible? If i do the same as you mentioned, my website crosses nearly 6000 pages within one month.

    • dhiviya says:

      @kavya ya if it’s news website ultimately the pages will be more. You can even refer other news websites.

  6. johnny says:

    Hello. Thank you for this great info! Keep up the good job!

  7. Sunshine Coast Searc says:

    Enjoyed this article thanks –

    good work!

    THANKS Dhiviya

  8. OpenCart Themes says:

    Hi dhiviya!
    I learn a lot from your article. It is no doubt that we have to optimize almost everything in our website to get the highest result. I hope that I can read other blog of you to get more interesting things.
    Thank a lot !

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