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Useful SEO Tools for Your Website

Before starting the SEO process, one has to carry out the website analysis which is more important for a website. It includes analysis about back links status, content duplication, traffic stats, keyword and server type etc. Here are the some tools that are available to make initial analysis about the websites.

Website Analysis Tools:

Back links Checker:

These are the tools that allow you to generate back links report for your website.

Yahoo Site Explorer

SEO Moz Linkscape

Backlink Watch

iWebtool Backlink Checker

Content Duplication:

These are the tools that allow you to find whether the content copied from your website to the other website and vice-versa


Duplicate Content

Webconfs Duplicate Checker

Website Speed:

These are the tool that allow you to find speed of the website

Pingdom Website Speed

iWebtool Speed Test

Keyword Analysis Tools:

These are the tools which allow you to generate related keywords list and also find the search volume, competition, density, frequency for the specific keywords to your website.

Google Adwords Tool

SEO Book Keyword Density

SEO Keyword Analysis

Traffic Estimation Tools:

Website Traffic Estimation:

This tool allows you to estimate traffic stats of your website.

Traffic Estimate

Compete Rank:

This tool allows you to find the visitors comparison graph of your website vs competitor websites and also find the compete rank for your website.

Compete Rank Checker

Server Type & Domain Checker Tools:

Age of the Domain:

These tools used to find the total number of days for a website domain, which has been calculated from the domain registered date.

Webconfs Domain Age Checker

SEOlogs Domain Checker

Server Type & Website IP:

This tool allows you to find type of the server name hosted for your website and it allows you to identify your website IP number which allocated by the domain hosting provider.

Website Server Type

Server Header Response:

This tool allows you to find the server header response for your website.

Website Server Header Response

I hope the above tools would be useful for your website analysis.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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  1. Javs says:

    Thanks for the post,Royston. It helps for the new ones to get into the process of site analysis before involving seo process. The best thing I can guess about the post is the tools for each category is arranged in the order of its popularity,relevance and accuracy of results.

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