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Keyword Analysis – A Simple Way that really Works

Keyword analysis is a important part of any SEO campaign and we spend hours together to find the right keywords for the targeted pages. Keyword analysis should start during the initial phase of website architecture design and should be a continuous part of website campaign as it needs tweaks now and then. We may leave a keyword in #12 or #10 SERP position which could be a lead generating keyword. With our tweak and analysis we can make it rank in more close to top position which help us yield better result.

A good way to find out for what key phrases you are ranking, go to your Google Analytics account and check the search traffic stats. Go to ‘Traffic Sources’ -> ‘Search engines’ to get a list of search engines sending visitors to your site. Select a specific search engine to get the list of keywords. If you track your AdWords campaign with Analytics, be sure to sort out the paid leads.

Here you will have all the keywords that are already ranking in search engine that you have selected. You can use the advanced filter at the bottom of the keywords and set the preference you look for. In the below screen shot, I have set the filter for visits that are greater than 10.

Once you apply you can get the keywords that get more than 10 visits. Please find the screen shot below which illustrates the list of keywords under certain condition after applying filter. It’s important to keep in mind here, that some keywords may bring few visitors because you don’t rank well for them, not because they are rarely used. Therefore don’t set the criteria for filter too high.

Now you can start analyzing the keywords. Sure, there will be many of those that you already know and target, but there are pretty good chances that you’ll find some terms that were not on your keyword list, yet they feature some really impressive search stats. You can then check your rankings for these keywords to see if there’s room for improvement.

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