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Social Bookmarking – The Basics

What Is Social Bookmarking

In a day we come across numerous sites on web out of which few may be catchy to us. Usually we add these web page links to our local system which we call as Bookmark/Favorites. We can be able to quickly get back to it later.

But when we wish to share our favorite links to expose it globally among other people of same interest. Then there comes a role of social bookmarking in the web. When you bookmark your site online to any online community, your favorite sites are now getting visible to all in the world.

Social bookmarking is nothing but it is a way to publicly share and organize your favorite links, stories, posts, website, blog’s and tagging them with keywords for sharing with others on web.

Why Social Bookmarking is necessary for SEO

Out of thousands of website in web with similar category, we always wish our site to get on top results.Hence to get this, we submit our quality content or stories to the bookmarking sites. If the information you have bookmarked is worthy it automatically drives regular users, RSS readers, visitors to naturally find a way to visit our site and if it is liked by a visitor then his votes to the content you have bookmarked the bigger plus in the view of search engines. Thus social bookmarking shows a path to bring reasonable traffic to our site and also help us to organically find our space in SERP.

But all such social bookmarking is not a hit always. There are certain things that you should know about Social Bookmarking.,

How to submit a story in SB sites

Create our own social bookmarks account for sites, we must register with a social bookmarking site and more notably to follow all norms and ethics of the all social bookmarking websites. After registering the account we may start submitting the story.

There are three simple steps in submitting the story:

Step 1:

Submit the story URL

Step 2:

Submit the story details in their respective columns.

Story title: Enter the title of the story in which we are linking to.

Description: Write a small description about the story in 2 to 4 Sentences.

Category: Choose a appropriate category for the story.

Tags: Label used for identification purposes.

Step 3:

Confirm the story details. We must check all the details provided by us is correct before submitting the story.

Steps that must be avoided in Social Bookmarking

There are some steps that must be avoided while submitting a story.

  • Don’t submit the story in adult or porn sites.
  • Avoid duplication i.e Don’t submit the same story twice in the same site
  • Don’t Spam the story content
  • Don’t submit the story in irrelevant niches.
  • Don’t use the same user name on all social bookmarking websites.
  • Don’t make automated submissions.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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