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Niche Social Bookmarking and its Importance

Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking is the simple way to share our favorites with the on-line community. Everyday we came across many websites and web pages. Among them we may like some of the pages and we bookmark them for our reference. Literally thousands of specific visitors utilize social bookmarking sites in looking for particular information. If they stumble across our website this way and if we have helpful content on our site, we can be sure they will visit and recommend it to others.


Niche social bookmarking:

In order to get our website profitable, we must need traffic. Niche social bookmarking is a place where we can bookmark our sites in a right category. Submitting in niche related social bookmarking is the right place to get target audience and also this helps to get quality traffic. They have a collection of information to industry related category so as we can get more visits by industry related folks. Social bookmarking is not only for link building purpose, if our content is good it will spread widely to everyone. So it can give chance to dominate our niche and surpass our competitors in a very short amount of time.

Advantages of Niche Social Bookmarking:

  • It helps increase our visibility in all search engines.
  • It is the easy way to get good response in the relevant industry
  • It helps drive quality traffic
  • It helps reach the targeted audience.
  • Quality traffic from targeted audience will convert more.

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2 comments on “Niche Social Bookmarking and its Importance
  1. dean walsh says:

    You are absolutely right about niche social bookmarking sites, they are much more likely to bring quality traffic compared to general ones. Here are some good ones:

    http://www.bookmarkedby.us (USA bargain shopping)
    http://www.shareabargain.co.uk (UK bargain shopping)
    http://thedailysatire.com (humor, moderated)

  2. Shatheeswaran says:

    Yeah. Submission of social book marking on niche sites will be helpful to increase visibility and also lead good traffic to our site.

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