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7 Social Shopping Sites that worth your time

By using these social shopping sites, we can buy any products through online also find the quality of the products from their reviews. With the help of these online shopping sites users can create their own wish list and receives

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Synchronizing in facebook using MySpace

MySpace has announced its users that they can log on to the facebook page from the MySpace home page. From this option, it is possible to import all likes as well as interests in facebook from MySpace. This will suits

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Twitter Introduces New Keyboard Shorcut Keys

Twitter is a combination of both social networking and microblogging service which eventually permit us to write and read posts called tweets. These tweets are text messages maximum of 140 characters . Twitter has crossed several millions users who have

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Booshaka – A New Social Search Engine For Facebook

Booshaka– New search engine, helps facebook to upgrade in to new level, booshaka is one of the new search engines particularly used for facebook that helps the users to access latest topics real time that are mentioned in the facebook.

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Tips to Write Social Media Press Release

The social media press release is widely used to deliver messages directly to the people through social networking sites. Social media press releases provides information to the people in a clear and concise manner just like a traditional press release.

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5 Must known Twitter Tools for finding Local Tweeps

Twitter is a networking and socializing tool it allows people to connect with other people and in twitter local tools you can find out how many followers and tweepls are there from any city and you can meet twitter users

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Niche Social Bookmarking and its Importance

Social Bookmarking: Social Bookmarking is the simple way to share our favorites with the on-line community. Everyday we came across many websites and web pages. Among them we may like some of the pages and we bookmark them for our

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