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Effective Link Building

Link building is an essential part of your SEO campaign and I admit it is time consuming and sometimes frustrating too. But getting quality and authoritative links hold the key to catapult your website to the first pages of the SERPs.

Successful link building campaigns will help you cross half the isle. For the other half, it is up to you. Tear your website apart and check your website for internal link structures, your content, your keyword relevancy, your other on-page SEO issues and hopefully these will lead you to increase your sites popularity and thereby its rankings.

Building Successful Link Campaigns:
You would have heard this a million times, get links from quality/authoritative websites for effective link campaigns, but how do you do that ?
Well there are no exact rules, but some of the following methods mentioned can be used to hunt them down.

Link Relevancy:
Link relevancy is a major factor that is going to help you to build successful link campaigns. Suggest your link in relevant resources.Don’t get links from a florist when you sell computers, It just won’t do any good.

Check Your Competitors:
Ask a simple question – How do these websites rank higher than mine? The answer is in the question itself, hunt down your competitors and check their back links. Find from which authoritative sites they have got links and try to get links from those sites. Use Yahoo Site Explorer to check your backlinks and tools like Link Diagnosis also help to find and analyze backlinks.

Build Online Reputation:
People must know that your site exists and for that your online reputation is the key. Building your online reputation by actively taking part in your industry related issues in the web by providing insights, helping others if approached and generally being a nice guy will work extremely good to build your online reputation. Social media is the key to improve your online reputation. Twitter is highly famous and can be used effectively to build your online reputation.

Local Business:Submitting in local search engines help a lot for bringing traffic for the website.Try to get links from your local chamber of commerce, associations related to your industry, submit to city and state government resources and so on. Yellow pages will also help. Google’s Local Business Center is one of the way to get listed in local search results.

Link Exchange:
Exchange links with site related to your niche and those that you think will benefit your visitors. There are plenty of webmasters who welcome reciprocal links, provided it matches their industry. Take caution while exchanging links as some may be link farms. Check out our resource page for an effective link exchange program.

Other Methods:
Apart from the stereotype of link building types, also try some new methods of link building like running a contest, surveys, offering badges and buttons, offering awards and participating in award programs conducted by other websites. These methods can be used as a part of wider link building campaign.

Blog can be used as a effective tool for branding and bringing traffic to your website. Update your blog frequently,submit it to blog directories and RSS feed directories and to search engine friendly social media including twitter. Check out our blog here.

Avoid Spamming!
The above mentioned points are some of the ways highlighted by which quality links can be got. But make sure to avoid techniques like forum spam, blog spam, bookmark spam etc. in your link building campaign as they will do more bad than good.

Hope these simple tips and strategies help you to build successful and effective link building campaigns. For more link building and other ethical SEO processes feel free to contact us and get your free quote today!

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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14 comments on “Effective Link Building
  1. Blog Traffic says:

    The backlinks from blog directories should be combined with the backlinks from the articles submitted to article directories (on topics closely related to your blog’s most important keywords).

    A properly developed backlink program will deliver far more targeted traffic to your blog due to its impact on the search engines than due to the actual directory links themselves.

    I maintain a list of The Top 101 Blog Directories & RSS Submission Sites on my blog at:

    Blog Directories

    Since I update this list weekly there are now 417 entries listed with NO DEAD LINKS.

    Try to submit to 3-5 directories PER DAY. This discipline will pay big dividends over the long run.

    If you find sufficient value in this list, please link to it in your blogroll.


    Best of success,

    Robert A. Kearse

  2. zulsdesign says:

    nice share 🙂

  3. Effective link building means getting those quality links instead of soliciting all links possible. Thanks for sharing. This will serve as a good resource.

  4. Ben 10 says:

    Is blog comment posting is effective link building option or not?
    If yes how to make it effective?
    what are the right ways

  5. Ben 10 says:

    will you please tell me how to use google web master tools affectively

  6. tabsfiroz says:

    @Ben 10 – I personally wouldn’t call blog commenting an effective link building technique, comments in blog are used to get the reader’s feedback and their perspective of the post written.

    Link building through blog commenting, well personally, I would pass it of…

    For the webmaster tools, you would have to first sign up for the account and get it verified, It is very simple to use and Google provides you with its details, which can be learn t here http://www.google.com/webmasters/

    Thanks for the read, hope you liked it.

  7. webkataloge says:

    I would love to hear more about this topic.

  8. Ben 10 says:

    Actually when I check for the yahoo back links I found all these links posted in comment pages are also shown as back links to my page. so I thought like that

  9. tabsfiroz says:

    @Ben 10 Ya they will show up in Yahoo..this is because wherever you comment you place a link to your site, that’s why..

    But calling it an effective method of link building would be way off…

  10. tabsfiroz says:

    @webkataloge Well mate, you have to follow more SEO blogs like ours to know more about link building strategies…

    Will come up with another post in the near future…

    Thanks for the read

  11. joeldudor says:

    Effective link building means getting all the links to each site with the use of white hat seo method in order to get a good feedback.

  12. tabsfiroz says:

    @tripti I dont think so…for me, it is not an effective method of link building…sorry 🙁

    @joeldudor Well said, completely agree with you mate…

  13. Local SEO Services says:

    How can we find the links that Google recognizes? I only see them on Yahoo

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