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Offpage Optimization Tips

Most of the webmasters handles several link building strategies for ranking higher in search engines. The point is that when these type of link building is overdone it creates problem.

Here I have listed some of the points that has to be remembered while doing off page optimization.

Directory Submission: Building one way link helps us to boost backlinks of website which in turn increases the keyword ranking position in SERP’s but while doing directory submission we have to avoid targeting too many keywords in the “anchor text” because targeting like this may dilute the keyword prominence. For eg. If we need to rank for two different keywords namely “Software development” and “Software Company” don’t target it as “Software Development Company” in Anchor text, target them separately so as to see the result faster.

Article Submission: If quality content is created, everyone who reads it and finds it useful may give a link back to your article. The content should not be promotional and hype sentences can be avoided. Provide fresh and unique article based on some tips, tricks or technologies which interest the users.The Moderator’s will not approve the article if it is framed only for the purpose of building links. Getting article link is a valid link as it is a dofollow link. If you want to create a article read the Ezine guidelines which will be common for most of the article directory. Do not include too many links in the content.

Reciprocal links: Two way links are advantageous, only if the link exchange is of same theme. Avoid doing link exchange with unrelated theme websites. Note , if the websites already listed are not spammy sites and do not overdo and get too many reciprocal links. And also don’t place too many links in a same page.

Forum Submission: Some webmaster’s create forum account’s just to have a signature link The administrator even block’s the account if he finds it spammy. Instead involve in discussions which are familiar to you and share your views, thoughts with the members in the forum along with a signature link. Also you can participate in your related niche forums and leave your signature after making your presence.

Social Bookmarking: Bookmarkings are done to save and share our bookmarks publicly with a network of people. The more number of votes you get the more worth your promotion is. So don’t give keywords as anchor text instead present a title that briefly describes the content.

Creating Blog : Creating blog is very easy but maintaining it matters. Don’t have too many links in a single post. The links pointing to the external pages must be relevant. Provide informative content.

Viral Marketing: It is just an advertisement which spreads like a virus. This type of marketing automatically brings more link backs. But these are done by creating some fake stories which spreads and if it is found they will gain a negative impact..

Paying for Links: Building links by paying in unrelated theme sites does not going to add any weightage to your sites , it only gives an assurance that your link will be placed in the required place in the requested website. Even search engines will not give weightage to paid links and they suggest to give “no follow” to these links. If it finds such links in a website it may even penalize those websites.

Buying Expired domain: Some link spammers buy expired domains which are popular and replace the pages with the links to their webpages. Search engines will identify those expired domains and the results obtained by it will not be stable for a longer period of time.

Link Farms: Link Farms are websites that accepts all sort of websites, with no relevant categories .Getting link from these types of websites may create a negative impact as it may contain spammy, unrelated websites in it.

Avoid all the points that are mentioned as bad practices in offpage optimization to have better staying results in the search engines.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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    Great points! These are the topmost crucial things that should be considered. Thanks for sharing them.

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