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Google PageRank Update April 2009 Underway

Last Month I had a post on Google PageRank update for February but only a few webmasters have really noticed the changes. This time again I’m writing this post after checking my sites twice and thrice and I have noticed increased in the PageRank for my sites too.

I have started tweeting this and find more webmasters sharing their PageRank udpates. I hope we get a confirmation from Google this at least.

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Share your PageRank updates

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3 comments on “Google PageRank Update April 2009 Underway
  1. tabsfiroz says:

    ya got to know about it from twitter, any way thanks for the update

  2. Of course it doesn’t really count for much since it is the internal PageRank measure that affects rankings and that is updated continuously. Nevertheless it impresses some folk so it is nice to have. I twittered on this early last evening since I had some pleasing upgrades. WooHoo!!

  3. webkatalog says:

    I would love to hear more about this topic.

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