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Generate Business Leads with Online Presence

Business owners would always like to get leads and sales from all side of the corner. But how to generate these leads with online presence? Does this question rise as a big wall in front of your eyes. You need not worry much about this. It’s as simple as you don’t even imagine when you are motivated to do that and creative enough to achieve the same. When following the simple techniques one can achieve that but make sure you do it in the ethical way.

Local Search Engines

Google Local OneBox
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Get listed in local search engines and this is the great way to win customers in a easy way without much hassle and you can attract more targeted visitors. You can start with Google Local, Yahoo Local and Live Local and once you started showing in onebox you are sure to attract more visitors to your website. In the above picture the onebox listing above the the organic listing give the extra edge for the business owners listed. Its a comprehensive and much easier way of attracting users there by generating leads.

Local Business Directories / Data Providers

You can submit your business in InfoUSA which is a main data provider for many local search engines like Yahoo Local, Business Yellow Pages etc. In addition to that you can also add your business to yellowpages, superpages and other local business directories. Make sure you provide all your contact details without fail. People still search online yellowpages to look for business.

Industry Associations / Chamber of commerce

Try get listed in your regional chamber of commerce and related industry associations. People look for business credentials before they do business with you. Also getting a link from these websites would help in terms of link popularity as well. These websites would be a authoritative websites in the eyes of search engine crawlers and getting a link from here would help a lot both in terms of users as well as search engine perspective.

Web2.0 Local Search Portals

Be sure to include your business in web2.0 local search portals like Insider pages and Yelp and encourage your existing customers to rate / add review for your business. Reviews and positive ratings would create a momentum in new customers and help the new traffic to convert.

Universal Search

Last but not the least don’t forget about the universal search announced by search engines where photos and videos etc would be displayed for the same query. So make sure you add pictures in flickr, related videos in youtube, publish articles and distribute press releases etc. Have tagging related to your business which people would be using to search for your business.

Do you have a business website and looking for sales / conversions. Please contact us. We will help you list your business in all mentioned portals / local search engines and drive quality traffic to your website which converts.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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  1. Keith says:

    Very well explained! For a good list and ranking of Local Business Directories / Data Providers, check out http://www.emarketingmatador.com/step-2-local-search-directories.

    We originally made this list for our clients not realizing how popular it would be.

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