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5 Things to Know When Building a Digital Marketing Team

Every online business that aims to be a success must have a digital marketing team to reel in the customers. Not sure as to how go about putting together a team? Or revamping your existing one? Here are a few things we recommend you consider when setting out to do either one of these two things:

What Are Your Goals?

When putting together a digital marketing team, you have to first be clear on what areas of digital marketing you’ll want your business to focus on. Knowing these areas will then make it easier for you to find the people you need for your team. The truth is some areas of your marketing will require more attention than others. For example, your social media content may need to made more attractive to followers. Your SEO, too, may need work. Recognizing the digital marketing areas that need more work is the first step to figuring out what kind of people you need for your team.

What Do You Have?

This piggybacks on the goals question. Assess the skills and talents of your current team, their strengths, vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. Sit down, have a dialogue with them and figure out whether they are willing to acquire new skills. If they are too time-pressed or otherwise engaged, you may need to bring in outside help.

When you make an active effort to boost the skills of your digital marketing team, you encourage loyalty as a result of the investment you’re making in their skills development. However, bringing in someone from the outside may be your best option, particularly when you need the skills implemented quickly.

Research Your Company’s Needs

Marketing overlaps with your sales, design, customer service, development and product development departments. Talk to your employees in these departments to assess the quality of the marketing leads they’ve been getting. The Sales department, for example, should be able to provide you with a lot of insights. Are all the leads they’ve been getting useful? Do they have the right training to make conversions? Having honest conversations with members of these departments will help you recognize potential areas for development as well as weak points that you weren’t aware of before.

Pace Yourself

Once you’ve determined what your digital marketing goals will be, it’s important to pace yourself as you implement the new changes. It’s best to address your marketing strategy in phases so that you can best tell what is working and what isn’t. When you instead choose to revamp everything at once, including your team, and a problem arises, you’ll have a hard time identifying the source of the problem.

By rolling out your new marketing plan in phases, you’ll know what part needs to be changed if and when something doesn’t work. At the same time, because today’s marketing is very scientific, just taking the time to experiment with your marketing plan tweaks will allow you to have more control over, and success with, your results.

Check in with Your Audience

Before putting together your digital marketing team, know who your audience is. Make sure you understand the demographics of your audience and what they want. Having clarity on this will help you work out a marketing strategy and a marketing team.

For example, younger demographics are usually best approached via social media rather than, say, white papers. With this group, social media will be the best way of reeling them in. You can always introduce white papers to the group later down the sales funnel line.

If your budget is limited, then build your digital marketing team in phases. Having a clear idea of your goals, your strengths and weaknesses, as well as a strong understanding of your ideal customer will help you develop your strategy effectively as you put your team together.
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