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Top 5 last minute digital marketing tips to drive seasonal sales

There’s no secret that marketing technology is a niche that changes quickly. But if you learn to keep up the pace, it can be an opportunity for both you and your company’s brand to stand above the crowd and gain momentum. Considering that most digital marketing strategies we have today are aimed at driving sales, how can we limit ourselves to the ones that actually work and don’t cost a fortune? Driving quality traffic and seasonal sales doesn’t have to be that nerve-racking. These 5 last minute tips might help shed some light.


1. Social media marketing

Social media marketing is not just about making your posts go viral. There are numerous other ways to increase brand awareness. Since we know that social media presence is fundamental to the growth of your company, reaching a targeted audience doesn’t have to be that challenging. All you have to do is settle on tailored ad content marketing. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram permit you to choose different targeting options and refine your target audience.

A refine audience based on specific locations, interest, demographics, professions and more, keep visitors interested. Customizing your ad posts is a last minute resource you can use to keep people interested and engaged. Failing to understand your customers leads to lack of engagement, so it’s best to proceed with extreme caution when advertising on social media.

2. Ad retargeting

A visitor that returns to your website is more likely to do something (read more post, add a comment, buy), meaning that it’s essential to keep users engaged. Compelling them to come back to your site is vital for business. Both AdRoll and Google has very useful ad retargeting programs, so it’s definitely a good idea to use them to drive seasonal sales. Contrary to popular belief, digital advertising is not that expensive either. Done right you can convert a visitor into a buyer. Once again, the key is to give them a reason to take action while visiting your website.


3. Email marketing

People get lots of promotional emails, meaning that it might be difficult to make yours stand out. The average user is already used to spam emails. Very few are relevant, and by adopting an efficient email marketing approach you can prevent them from ignoring your messages. Programs such as Constant Content and MailChimphelp users disseminate emails and organize them into lists. List segmentation helps you split your audience, and thus you will be able to send the right emails to the right people.

One of the most efficient ways to grab attention and boost sign-ups is to offer an incentive. If your business is an e-commerce brand, you can consider offering special promos, discounts or exclusive deals to people upon signing up. Always keep in mind that if your email campaigns don’t provide value, your users won’t resonate.

4. Content marketing

Users are not very fond of content that doesn’t bring them any benefit or that has zero value. As a successful brand and business, you have to focus on producing content that is relevant to your target audience. If you want to make your content have value, you need to focus on engaging your readers. Listen to the needs and want of the people, and always work to improve your content. Examine analytics and then check to see which of your articles and blog posts appealed the most. Once you’ve managed to understand them, start creating content that emphasizes your skills and expertise.

5. Responsive website design

A responsive website design is a last minute digital marketing tip you can’t overlook. We’ve talked about content marketing and using social media to advertise, but unless your website looks good people won’t be interested to know what you have to offer. In 2017, you can’t afford to run a business with a website that doesn’t look outstanding on smart devices.


When it comes to digital marketing, it’s very important to stay focused on a strategic approach. Tailor your tactics to the needs of your audience, and don’t hesitate to use a digital marketing service London for assistance. You may have a thorough understanding of SEO, but you don’t know it all. An experienced team can help you and your business thrive.

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