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11 Instagram Marketing Strategies Every Brand Needs To Know

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the ultimate platform for you to share your day with. You can upload thousands of pictures and videos on Instagram and let people know about your daily routine. But if you think Instagram is only about uploading visuals, you’re wrong because Instagram is also a great place for marketing and publicity. Through Instagram, many youngsters have been making money and promoting their campaigns, etc. As a marketer, there are a few strategies that you need to know for your page to get more followers and so that you can learn more about marketing.

Following are the ten Instagram marketing strategies that you as a brand must know about:

#1 Let your post have a theme:

Themes are very important when it comes to starting your own work. For example, if you’re running an Instagram account about ‘quotes’, be sure to choose what kind of quotes you’re going to be posting. Having a theme can be very useful because that way, your audience would know what kind of content you post. Also, it’s very important if you stick to your theme. Don’t post something irrelevant and leave your followers in confusion. With a properly scheduled theme, you can be able to run your account in a better way.

#2 Write a compelling Instagram Bio:

Everyone needs to fill the ‘Biography’ section when they’re running an account. Your biography should be attractive and efficient so that when someone visits your account, they know what your account is about. Bio’s are very necessary to write, most people just ignore it, but they don’t understand that people read about these things. Use different quotes and wordplay to make the information as effective as possible. Your bio should be clear and understandable as well, don’t make it difficult to read by others. Write it short and simple but effective. That’s the only way you’ll have more followers.

#3 Make sure you have a Website:

When you want to promote something on the internet, you should always have a website. Your website would help your audience understand what you do more clearly. Always remember to make your website easily accessible on mobile phone’s because a majority of the Instagram users are on mobile phones. Also, mention your site in your bio so that people can reach to it easily. Another important thing to remember is that you should mention your website on every post so that everyone knows about your site and can visit it without having to open the link to your page. This is another smart marketing strategy to keep your audience engaged with your work.

#4 Always share meaningful Pictures:

For you to keep your account going, you need to sure to share the content that would keep your audience engaged. Since you’re using Instagram, you’re going to be sharing a lot of pictures so don’t share random pictures, be picky, share something that people can relate to. Share photos that depict meaning because that’s the only way people are going to want to follow you every day. People can easily get distracted so share something that won’t distract them, keep them interested in what you post.

#5 Post Every Day:

The one thing you need to know is that the more you post, the more people would like to stay engaged with you. If your account is dry and you post once a week or one a few days, people would get bored and will probably unfollow you. But the smart thing here would be to post at least 2-3 times every day so that people know that you’re active and you want people to know about your existence. Also, when your pictures/videos would keep appearing on their newsfeed, they would probably suggest it to their friends, and the best kind of marketing is through word of mouth.

#6 Don’t Forget to use Hashtags:

Today’s generation is very much aware of the word ‘hashtags’ and they love using them too. Although, this term originally started from Twitter. Hashtags are quite important for Instagram as well. For marketing, hashtags are important because, through hashtags, it would be easier for people to find you. The more hashtags you use, the more people would find you everywhere. You can use about 11 hashtags per picture, they don’t need to have the description about the photo but just to make an impact, and they can be very useful. It is important that you use as many hashtags as you can and mention your accounts name for trending.

#7 Mentions:

An Instagram user knows the importance of tagging people. When you’re running an account, be sure to mention people in it. The more you mention, the more people would know about your account. This is a great marketing strategy for you to run your account. Mentioning people is simple, all you need to do is @ + Name of the person you want to mention. If you mention different famous Instagrammers, you will keep your audience more engaged with your account and more people will want to follow you.

#8 Artificial Engagement for an Instant Boost:

Social media artificial engagement is growing remarkably. People are using services like Vibbi to buy Instagram likes and followers. Not just on Instagram, people buy artificial engagement for their other social profiles and including Facebook and Twitter.

Buying likes and followers for your Instagram does not cost so much. It ranges from $2-$3 for a 100 followers/likes to $60-$80 for up to 10,000 followers/likes.

Buying Instagram likes and followers will give an initial boost to your campaign and is a trend to consider.

#9 Share your Locations!

People like to discover new things and places, so if you’re sharing a picture, you should mention where you took it so that people would be intrigued and want to go to that location. Maybe you took a picture that interests other people, but you haven’t mentioned where you made it, people wouldn’t like that, so it’s always better to let people know where you go. Also, with mentioning locations, people would be aware that you are serious about running your account which is why you’re going to different places to for the publicity of your account. This strategy would help you get a lot of followers.

#10 Take Great Pictures:

We know Instagram is all about the visuals. So if you’re picture is pleasing to the eye, people would want to discover more of your photos. Take pictures that while following the rules of photography. The quote ‘Pictures is worth a thousand words’ isn’t just written out of nothing, it is true if your pictures are giving meaning, then people would love to see more of what you do. You can also consider using stock images. You can find these images through paid subscriptions. So, having a lot of beautiful pictures would create a great impact on your followers, and they may suggest your account to their friends and family.

#11 Customize Images into your own:

The best way to make your picture more effective is by adding a quote to it. When you post something, try writing something related to the picture, the audience always appreciates a well-written caption. It makes them more indulged to the picture. You can write something creative or add a relevant quote or even write something promotional, but the thing to remember is that do write something. Also, add your URL and hashtags of your page to keep people aware. They can open your website whenever they like if you add it in every caption and your hashtags would increase your popularity, who knows, you might also start a trend. This strategy is unusual for you to grow your number of audience.

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