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Some Of The Talented Graphic Design Experts To Follow On Instagram Platform

With a billion monthly active users, Instagram has gone way far beyond the fun option just to show the world more about the daily lifestyles. Some of the talented and well-established companies, sole entrepreneurs and startups are using this power of IG for growing people’s awareness about the services or products they produce. Graphics designers are falling at the same pace as they are not quite exceptional. They need branding too and what best than IG. so, if you have a proper IG account and quite interested in web design, then be sure to follow some of the most impressive IG profiles. It will definitely bring you a gulp of inspiration!

How many times have you seen people from various organizations and businesses asking you to follow updates on IG on daily basis? You will receive dozens of such requests. You can follow the pages which are of your interest and recommend most aspiring ones to your friends. This is how word of mouth actually works. Similarly, you can do the same on the graphic designing field. Listed are some of the best web designers who have done it big in the graphics world. You can check out their works and get some more advice on graphic design straight from Gramblast now.

Overcome your Creative Blocks by checking these Profiles

There are some graphic designers, who have turned accounts on IG into web catalogs of most impressive works and have established connections with so many new fans and potential clients, through the posts posted on IG official page. You can check out some of the handpicked ones from the graphic designing category, which will definitely amaze you with their level of creativity and work abundance to learn more.

Andreas M Hansen

He is a self-taught example of calligraphist from Denmark. He has his own specialization in art direction, web design and even crafting some brand identity. He has already amassed large following base on IG. His captivating works have done the magic over here with the minimalistic approach in doing art. His works will definitely show what he has mastered over his past years and will even inspire you to create one clutter-less space for your graphic designing world as well.

Gabriela Alemparte

Mostly known as the freelance graphic designer from Venezuela, Gabriela Alemparte has an IG account featuring multiple examples of her own created graphic illustrations. It will further talk about the videos of the process of her love work creations. Her works are mainly not quite based on imagination only. There are some designs, which are perfectly based on real-life objects, which are drawn from photos of animals or personas. So, if you want simplicity with a bit of animated graphics to it, this account is what you should be looking for right now.


A Swiss artist by nature, this person is the member of the MakeYourOwnSign workshop. It helps in teaching people the techniques and art of sign making. This IG page will include some of the posts, which will show a promising process of creating tricks, signs and even techniques. It can further show signs, which might look great in the said environment. The black and white combination of the IG account is what will get more attention that what you have asked for. So, be sure to check this profile to get some inspirations.

Graphic Design Central

This IG page will illustrate perfectly on how you can take best right out of flat style in the web designing field. Whenever trying to look at the IG page, you will be able to pick one of the major topics, which can dominate all of their works with ease. What they plan to do is just highlight the works of some of the graphic designer’s right on their own page. So, if you are working with a team and planning to create a page for them in a collaborated manner, this idea might work great for you.

Tom Studer

The Instagram official page of Tome Studer is a perfect mixture of his cool photo shorts and some amazing graphic design works. He is known for mastering the artistic approaches towards Illustrations based works, 3D art, 8bit illustration, cool fonts, and similar such options. Therefore, procuring the best help from this source in case of inspiring IG page won’t be that difficult of a deal at all. You will be amazed at the responses waiting for you to grab right now.

Maria Lyng

Danish by birth, Maria Lyng is a reliable graphic designer and illustrator, whose focus is in creating pointillism illustration, where the images are created by using dots. If you check out her IG page, will has shared not just the final results of her outstanding works, but has also been able to share the procedures involved in using dots for creating such masterpieces. So, her followers are able to feel more personal while going through her posts. They feel like they have been a part of this journey as well. Try following the same for your graphic designing pages and procure best results now.

Ellis Marie Bury

Fine art and graphic designer from Germany, Ellis Marie Bury has an amazing IG page for you to check. Her page happens to be quite rich in minimalistic approach with no less appealing fan arts waiting for you to grab. These fan arts are mainly for her favorite shoes and outwear products, fashion designers and even actresses. You will get a clear vision of her work through her IG page. That’s exactly what you need to follow for your upcoming graphic based IG profile ideas.

Searching the vast Instagram platform will help you to come across some other profile pages of graphic designers right in front of your finger, and from around the world. You can check out IG pages of On My Palette, Suzanne Nieuman and so much more, to get the inspiration you need right now.

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