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Why Is It Time for You to Consider Experiential Marketing for Your Brand?

New York is a melting pot of different cultures. Diverse cultures and a wide variety of buyers bring with them a glorious opportunity for every marketer to introduce new products from fresh brands. However, a majority of the successful businesses in NYC don’t want to rely on traditional marketing platforms any longer. They want to interact with consumers directly to boost their loyalty and trust.

Several businesses in New York that have been around for a while might wonder what the hullaballoo about experiential marketing is, so here are a few stats that speak for themselves,

  • A recent survey of more than 1,000 brand marketers shows that more than 41% of the participants found experiential marketing to be their top-grossing marketing instrument.
  • Experiential marketing grossed more than email marketing (14%), social media marketing (6%), and content marketing (27%).
  • More than 62% of the participants showed an inclination towards adding to their current budget of experiential marketing.
  • More than 84% of the businesses that have seen higher than expected success in the last year also stated that they have robust leads from experiential campaigns.
  • About 92% of the respondents stated that the integration of experiential marketing to the existing marketing strategies was imperative for success.

So, what is experiential marketing? Is it just another buzzword for something brands of NYC have been doing all along? As it turns out – it is indeed something that the successful brands have been investing in for quite some time, but it isn’t just another buzzword du jour. It is the marketing tactic that puts the consumers directly in touch with their favorite brands. It can be a simple step that can humanize the brands and make them tangible to their target customers.

How to Choose the Best Experiential Agency in New York?

Your choice of an experiential agency in New York can determine your brand connect with the target audience. The right experiential marketing agency will help you determine the budget for your events, find the best instruments to reach your audience, and measure your campaign’s success before you can invest in another marketing stunt.
Here are the five points you must remember while picking your experiential marketing agency in NYC,

1. Their Track Record

You should be able to find the portfolio of your marketing agency on the web complete with their client list and event experience. Getting an idea about the brands your experiential agency of choice has already worked with and the types of outdoor events they organize will help you determine if they are the right choice for you.

2. Do Your Interests Align?

Unless you have like-minded people working on your brand’s promotion, you might have trouble reaching out to the right audience with the right message. Pay close attention to the details – the agency’s culture and ideas will tell you if you are looking at the right marketing partner for your business. If their website does not give you telltale signs, have a sit-down with the team’s heads, and have a thorough chat about your brand’s mission and vision. That should tell you if you should invest in your new relationship.

3. Their Current Relationships

Experiential marketing is not a one-time investment. It aims towards creating long-term relationships with the audience. Therefore, your brand’s relationship with the marketing agency needs to be strong and lasting as well. Look for marketing teams that build and maintain relationships with their clients. A marketing company that does not stay in touch with the clients after one brief stint is a big “No-No” for any new enterprises.

4. Experience in Your Field

It is only natural not to want a marketing agency that has exclusively worked on activation campaigns for electronics to handle the launch of all-organic healthcare line. You should check for an agency’s experience in your segment before you sign on the dotted line. An experiential marketing agency in NYC might have an extensive history of working in one industry, but unless they have constructive ideas that work for your brand, you might want to keep looking.

5. Meet and Greet With the Team

Avoid formal environments to set up a meeting with the agency’s team. Talking to them face to face will give you an idea about the member’s contribution to the campaigns, their school of thought, and their agency’s mission and vision. Speaking to a team in an informal setup is one of the best ways to find out how much engagement and commitment you can expect from the experiential agency. If you see too many red flags during the meeting, it is time to reconsider your choice.

Given the scores of experiential marketing agencies in NYC, you might find it challenging to choose one initially. Following the five tips, we have mentioned above should lead you to the best option for your business with little toil and expense.

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