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Understanding How Your Website Drives Your Marketing Strategy

Good marketing strategies are necessary if one is to grow a small business. Small business owners have learned that investing time and money to acquire the necessary tools is important. These tools include building and developing a professional website.

Once that has been done, the next step is to figure out how to utilize the website to drive business. Having it up and running is one thing. However, customers, both current and potential, have to be notified of your website’s existence. Companies such as Urban SEO Center NYC SEO are the experts on matters that pertain to the necessity of websites in business.

How a Comprehensive Site is a basis for your Marketing Strategy?

How does your website help you in establishing a successful marketing strategy?

1. It is your customers’ first contact with your business.

Many customers have access to the internet and can find their way on the internet. If you have a website and they are aware of it, they will find it. You must therefore create awareness so that they can log onto your site to browse and possibly buy your products.

Also, most people these days want a feel of the business online before they can visit in person. The way your business is organized online will determine whether potential clients deem it worth a physical visit or not. If your site does not appeal to customers in terms of friendliness and approachability, and if it is not easy to find online, you will lose to your competition.

Make sure that,

  • Your site is mobile-friendly
  • It contains all the information relevant to customers
  • Your customers understand the ‘next step’
  • It is inviting and interactive
  • A good first impression is imperative.

2. Your website does not need to be pricey.

There are free sites that can host your website such as WordPress.com and SquareSpace.com. You do not have to spend thousands of much needed funds to create a website for your business. However, once you have created awareness and got customers visiting your site and transacting business, then you can go ahead and upgrade in order to keep up with the changing status of your growing business. However, if your budget allows, go big from the onset.

3. Your website reflects your brand

If your site looks good, your brand looks good. Everything from your mail and social platforms to paid clicks reflect on your business. Small business owners need to work on developing their brand as this helps in putting them on the same level with their competitors if nor ahead.

The trick is in getting everything synchronized so that the brand is recognized across the different platforms. Always look for the best way to showcase your brand. Here is why:

  • Your site has links to your social platforms and these platforms bring traffic to your website.
  • Your website will send mail with a subscription form to your email marketing software.
  • Your magazine advertisements in the print media will have a message that ought to match with the one on your website.
  • When you pass around your business cards and brochures, people will visit your website to have a look around or even to transact business.

In a nutshell, small business owners should consider getting some help from experts such as Urban SEO Center NYC SEO for professional guidance on how they can utilize their websites to grow their business and get ahead of their competition while maximizing on profits.

Improve Local Search Visibility with these Exclusively New Tactics

If you are a small business owner, then it is very important for you to improve the local search engine visibility of your business website in order to ensure that more people within your local area are able to discover you easily. It is not enough to have just a business website, what you must also do is improve your search engine optimization for better local visibility. This needs to be done in order to ensure that you are getting more views for your website in and around your locality. As more people start to recognize your brand and use your products and services, your business will then gradually improve. In this article, you will learn about some effective tips to help in improving your local SEO.

The Importance of Local SEO

Local search engine optimization ensures that your business becomes popular in your own local community first. In order to see your business succeed, it is important to gather trust in the consumer and the local community is the first place where you must put your focus on. When your own local community starts to trust you and use your products then slowly and gradually other people will start to do the same. Your business will get more recognition and goodwill. You can improve your local search engine optimization by following some important techniques.

These days, the most popular search engines all have dedicated algorithms to facilitate local businesses. There are several factors which show that search engine algorithms tend to promote local businesses more than it did earlier. The review signals show that they are up and hence more and more focus is given on the reviews that customers leave on your business website after they have used your products and services. The citation signals have expectedly come down a lot. Earlier on focus was always on citation signals in local searches but business owners would only create as many citations possible for this reason. But now, a local search engine algorithm has become a lot more complicated compared to previous years. Today business owners are not going after citations. However it is still an important aspect, and you must try to get some citations on important websites.

Search engines like Google have added a number of features these days like services, the descriptions, Google Q and A and so on. These things help in promoting your business with a lot of extra information to the consumers.

Take Advantage of the Google posts

Google Posts will help you in improving your rankings a great deal. You will, however, focus on some essential things here. You need to have semantic content which will help in giving the search engines do better association of certain keywords with the business that you run. You should also engage more with the Google posts as it can improve your visibility. You can try being an active business owner who posts stuff continuously and helps in lifting your business by having more original content. Thus, in case you do not use Google Posts then you must start using it soon.

Seed Google Q and A

There are a number of business owners who do not know about Google Q and A.’s important features. The Q and A section will be extremely helpful. The customers will often tend to ask a number of questions, and they will get answered but not by you. Thus, it is vital that you can get there and ensure that you get to answer the questions and then seed the Q and A with some questions of your own. Thus, you need to add all the content by yourself. In case you have got an F.A.Q. The section in your business website, then you must get that put in Google Q and A also. This way, you will be giving more content and will help in boosting your local SEO.

Add more pictures and videos: You need to post more pictures and videos, you must continuously post more and more visual media for your contents. You can also encourage the customers you have to do this. This is an activity which is extremely helpful in the long run. You can show the local community how your products can be useful for them. This will convince more people to start buying from you. This way, your brand can get more visibility with little or no extra investment. Visual media helps customers and users to learn about a product much more easily then textual content could which is why this is so important for your success.

You must fill all the fields

There are a lot of fields that you need to complete in your business website for it to flourish in local searches. For instance, on Google My Business there are a number of new fields. In case you have not edited the listing, you have in some months, then you need to get to it now, and this will help you in adding more information and data regarding your business. This will help in improving your engagement much more. The extra engagement will help in signaling the search engines that more people are noticing your business website. This means more users are interested in your products. You have more stuff to offer now. All these will help your rankings immensely and give you more business revenues. You can visit Somo SEO in order to learn more about how to improve your local search engine optimization.


Local advertisements for services and business are now expanding all over the world across a number of industries. You need to follow all the steps to ensure that you get more visibility by improving your local SEO first. You can use the applications offered by Google to get started on this. When your local SEO is good, you will start to see improvement in your business revenues and productivity, and this will eventually help you in making your enterprise more successful.

Link Reclamation – Learn About its Features and Benefits

In order to regain the value of link then the individual has to invest a little bit of extra effort in the search. If you are removing the page from the official website or changing URLs from the website during overhaul, then you have to fix broken likes. It isn’t an easy task because the individual has to put additional efforts in the SEO techniques. To retain the value of old links than 301 redirects would be a reliable option for you because it will give you the value of inbound links with ease.

Link Reclamation

Link reclamation has become a particular project that will give you the value of a full link. If you are choosing the reclamation process, then it will automatically fix the broken links on an official website. Most of the people are facing link reclamation problem due to the following reasons such as

  • If the content is completely removed from the official website
  • When you are redesigning the website
  • URLs are completely changed

To avoid complicated problems, most of the link builders are making the use of technical SEO because you can easily fix the broken links of the website with ease. Following are the important details related to the link reclamation.

1. Create a Particular Sheet

Make a new spreadsheet where you should add old URLs with particular anchor text. If possible, then you must add new links and information about broken links. If you want to fix the internal links related problems, then you can change everything manually. Like, visit on the official website and replace the new URL with a broken link.

To find the particular location of broken links then make the use of tools like Ahrefs that will provide you details related to the broken links. In order to fix broken links permanently then 301 redirects and link reclamation project would be an ideal option for you. Nothing is better than a direct link because it is valuable than others.

To fix the broken links then you have to wait for a few weeks because the link reclamation process will take a few days or weeks. In order to avoid broken links related problem then you should set the official website to redirect.

2. How to Reclaim Broken Links?

For a hassle-free experience, the individual has to figure out the missing pages on the official website. Run a particular URL that comes with a 404 status. Make the use of link building tool where you can easily access broken links and anchor text related details with ease. All you need to apply such technique for every missing page.

3. Eradicate 404 Errors

Cleaning up outbound links don’t require much effort because one can clean the poor links within a fraction of seconds from the official website. Make the use of Ahrefs because it will easily eliminate the redirects from the official website.

After completing the cleaning process, an individual should visit on the official website and analyze broken links carefully and the insert perfect links on the official website. If you have installed 301 redirects on the official website, then you can easily avail crucial details related to the broken links. Owner of the website can easily create more than 20 new links within 90 days that aren’t quite higher.

4. Mentions of Brand

To reclaim all the broken links then eradicate 404 errors from the official website. The individual has to remove the brand mentions which aren’t linked to the official website. Moreover, one can reclaim links from the images. Plenty of tools are out there like Tineye or other ones that will automatically discover the broken links and images of the website. You can easily avail vital images and brand content which is directly interlinked to the broken links. Reclaim process is quite easier than others.

5. Set up Redirects

Reclamation process is really beneficial because it will fix all the high-value broken links. Bear in mind that, you can reclaim a few links only. All things depend on the Age of links. Don’t reclaim old links because it isn’t responsive and valuable. Don’t use spammy links and make the use of informative links only because it will improve the ranking and visibility of an official website. For a better experience, an individual must set up 301 redirects on all the WebPages of the official website.

After that, you can easily avail the details of all broken links with ease. It is really beneficial to set up redirects on the pages of the official website because you will easily regain the valuable links on the official website.

Moreover, to improve the visibility of official website then the individual has to fix the broken links on the official website. It will automatically increase the ranking of an official website. Link reclamation is really one of the most important techniques that will easily clean up the lower value links from the official website. If you want to know more about link reclamation, then Craig Tuttle Marketing NYC SEO would be a great company for you. They will provide every detail related to the SEO.

Benefits of Link Reclamation

According to professionals, Link reclamation has become one of the best techniques which are improving the ROI of the official website. With the help of this technique, you will able to fix the broken link on the official website. All you need to set the 301 redirects on the official website. After that, you have to share high-quality links on the official website. If you are using in an effective manner, then you will get an instant return on their investment. The individual has to find the mentions from the official website. For better results, you should make the use of Google and search for the particular mentions. To improve the ranking of the website then expand your search and find URLs from another website. It can be a tempting task because you can easily attract more viewers to the official website.

Final Saying

Lastly, make sure that you aren’t copying titles of page and cache from SERP because it will damage the official website. All you need to add genuine links on the website only.

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