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Synchronizing in facebook using MySpace

MySpace has announced its users that they can log on to the facebook page from the MySpace home page. From this option, it is possible to import all likes as well as interests in facebook from MySpace. This will suits best to the users who are using both facebook and MySpace for synchronizing the updates. A personalized stream can be created in MySpace and the updates can be imported from facebook. Synchronizing in facebook is good news to all social networking users because users can be in touch with their friends in terms with photos, videos, games, and applications.

After synchronization is done, facebook users can view the updates that are done in MySpace. For instance, if an user in MySpace is adding a game or photo in his profile, then the same updates will be visible by the user’s friends in facebook. Facebook users who want to visit those updates can click the link and it will automatically redirect to the MySpace page and the updates will be visible.

Using this synchronization option, users can even create a MySpace account by giving the same information provided for creating facebook account. The following steps can easily guide on how to synchronize with facebook. They are:

  • Click the settings page in the homepage.
  • Check for the box that is found next to facebook.
  • Follow all steps that is required for synchronization.
  • That’s it! Synchronization is done and it is now ready to use.

Synchronization option will be very helpful for social networking users to stay in touch beyond MySpace or facebook. Start synchronizing and get the updates from your friends and let your friends know about your updates.

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