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SEO – Myths and Realities

SEO – A myth or reality? There are plenty of SEO myths that exist. Out of those some are solved by the experts and many still remain as myths. Solving all of the SEO myths that exist is highly infeasible. Here are some popular SEO myths and realities that are quite obviously not yet true, but many people believe and rely on them. Read on to find out the truth.


Myth: Advertising on Google and Yahoo affects rankings in the search results.

Reality: Pay Per Click advertising neither helps nor hurts a site’s rankings in the search engines that the client is paying for advertising on.

Myth: Submitting my site to a link exchange or “free-for-all” link website is a good idea and will help improve my rankings.

Reality: Link farms leads to bad neighborhood and can be harmful. It is best not to link to these types of websites. Search engines may lower your rankings for linking to link farms to increase your rankings.

Myth: Using a particular type of web server such as Apache (Linux/Unix) or IIS(Microsoft) will benefit a site’s rankings.

Reality: Search Engines do not care what type of server you are running, they do not rank by server type.

Myth: Only a listing in a search engine will automatically help your online business grow.

Reality: No single factor such as only the search engine listing will ensure the growth of your online business. An online business takes time to grow, be patient and make sure you follow other SEO guidelines.

Myth: “We guarantee #1 Ranking in Google”

Reality: As per the Google SEO selection tips, no search engine marketing company can guarantee a number one ranking in Google. Avoid any SEO company that offers ranking guarantees.

Myth: Your meta keywords are the most important part to optimize on your website.

Reality: Don’t give much importance for the meta keywords tag. Instead, make sure the title of your web page has your important keywords and that those keywords are repeated in the content of your web page.

Myth: Using a program or service to “Submit your site to 10,000 Search Engines” is a good idea.

Reality: There are not 10,000 search engines. There are only about 100. The rest are free for all link exchanges, link farms, or directories. The top 10 search engines are what SEM companies should focus on. 85%-98% of online searches come from the top 10 search engines.

Myth: Be sure to use as many keywords as you can on your website. The more you put the better the rankings.

Reality: Keyword stuffing is an unethical practice. It is better to avoid it and remember that users are your targeted audience and not the search engines.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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