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Siloing and Page Rank Sculpting

The ultimate aim of SEO is to attain top keyword ranking in SERP for the targeted keywords. The poor page to page linking may be one of the reason for not being well ranked. Siloing is the technique applied to the site architecture that will in turn help achieve rankings for the most targeted keywords as well as common keywords. It is otherwise called theming. Simply, this technique is the splitting of focus of a site into multiple themes. If we link to unrelated internal pages then we might actually diluting the theme of website. This will in turn lead to poor search engine rankings. We should avoid this by implementing proper siloing. A silo represents a group of themed or subject-specific content on website. There are two types of siloing methods, the directory siloing and vertical siloing.

Directory Siloing

Directory siloing is the technique of grouping the content of pages based on themes. It is the grouping of like content pages into one. To establish directory siloing a minimum of at least five like content pages needed. It is like a file cabinet which is highly organized under appropriate heading. Here the directory naming system will help the search engines better identify the theme of the page. For example the site about tax information all the informations related to tax return can be linked from tax return landing page. i.e. http://www.taxinformationwebsite.com/taxreturns/yourtaxreturn.php/. This would help the search engines understand easily the content break down of the pages and help in ranking of the internal pages.


Virtual Siloing

This form of siloing is applicable to the established sites. Here the theme of the landing pages is decided by the pages linking to it. Cross linking structure is used to create the theme. The supportive pages link to each other and also linked to the theme’s landing page. These supportive pages are linked horizontally. Unless it is necessary it is always better to prefer proper directory siloing.

Page Rank Sculpting

Page rank sculpting is the act of passing the link juice from a high PR page to the important internal pages. It is the method of blocking the unimportant pages from search engines crawlers using “rel=nofollow”. Thus we can pass high PR value to the high value pages as we drop the pages which have no relevant content. Page rank sculpting is the one of the method of siloing. It can be done though Robots.txt also. This technique is highly useful for the websites that have large number of pages. For more information on this please visit “What experts say on page rank sculpting?

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