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Google Adwords Fundamental Tips During Recession

If you are looking to get more from your Google Adwords investment during this economic climate, here is a basic fundamental tips to fine tune your campaigns.

  1. Do not desire to collect hundreds of keywords in an Ad Group.

  2. If you have several Ad Groups in one campaign, 30 to 50 for example, then create a new campaign to improve the overview.

  3. You can also organize your campaigns so that one campaign contains all your successful Ad Groups. You can then set a very high daily budget for this campaign. You can move ads that need to be optimized into another campaign with a lower daily budget.

  4. Remember that you can set different daily limits for different campaigns.

  5. Do not try to optimize your keywords more than needed. It is almost always enough to optimize on the Ad Group level rather than each keyword. This is particularly effective if the keywords in an Ad Group represent the same “idea.”

  6. “Content targeting” means that your ads are also displayed on Google’s partner sites instead of on Google sites only. If you are not sure yet if “content targeting” is right for your ads, deactivate this option for the time being.

  7. Make sure that some Google AdWords functions, such as geo-targeting, can only be used for the Google search results pages. They have no effect on Google partner sites.

  8. Take some time to understand the basic terms and definitions like clicks, impressions, daily budget, keyword matching etc.. Understanding the technical terms helps you also learn the Google AdWords user interface quicker.

  9. Create separate campaigns for contextually-targeted ads and search-targeted ads.

  10. If you target your campaign on content network set your bids at the ad group level and create each ad group around a single theme.

  11. Include a proper call to action, such as buy, order, and purchase and also place keywords in your headline of your ads since this is what people are looking for.

  12. Choose your landing page URL which promotes the exact product or services your visitors or customers are looking for, rather than pointing your usual home page.

  13. Make your landing page easy to navigate throughout your website and that should be providing the information without asking your customers to register.

  14. Make sure to keep your landing page load time to be under four seconds if possible.

  15. Run multiple split test for your Ad copies

  16. Write your ad copies wisely that you should stand out from your competitors.

  17. Use proper spelling and correct casing to format your ads. This is very important.

  18. Try different types of ad formats like image ads, video ads etc.

  19. Use Keyword matching types(broad, phrase, exact) and select specific keywords which relate to your business, adgroup and landing page at your search targeting campaigns.

  20. Do not forget to add negative keywords that will avoid unwanted impressions and clicks.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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5 comments on “Google Adwords Fundamental Tips During Recession
  1. Thanks, it is nice to see rhe basic tips in a list

  2. Paydaybor says:

    hm.. bookmarked

  3. Mark van Loon says:

    Nice article. What about “don’t overpay”, sometimes #4 till #7 is as good as #1!

    Bookmarked too!

  4. SEO scan says:

    Nice post. Like to add one more tip. Do splittest with positions and find the best converting position!

  5. Joost Bronsgeest says:

    Good additional info about adwords champagnes! Thanks a lot for sharing!

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