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A Proven Way To Improve Your Keyword Ranking

Mostly people struggle with lots of keywords targeting the same page. It is practically difficult to tame the search engines with respect to this issues. Then how to optimize quite more number of keywords and achieve considerable ranking in SERPs?

Let us consider an “Online Auto Parts” company, which sells quite lot of automobile spare parts and accessories. Normally what people tend to do? They just stuff the home page with the respective keywords, design the page like ebay/amazon replica. I just want to share a quite simple idea regarding this issue, which has given me really good results .
The idea is simple. Here it goes. Let us consider the same example of “Online Auto Parts” company. Basically we all know that any typical auto parts selling company sells varieties of auto parts. It is always a best practice to create a new page for each variety of product. Don’t stop as soon as you have created a new page. The real works starts from now. For example, if you have created a new page for the keyword “carburetor “, don’t stop the page’s content with your product specifications, images, billing details etc. Now you should add an quality article in the respective page which revolves around the keyword “carburetor”.

The article can be any type like basic information about the product, about its invention and future developments etc. But please note the article should be original, free from keyword stuffing.

Another simple trick is to “wiki-ize” the articles with the respective keyword. For example you have two pages, one for “carburetor” another for “engine”. The keyword “engine” appearing in the article page “carburetor” can be linked to the “Engine” page. This is called as “wiki-izing” articles. So, finally if we have 30 pages targeting 30 keywords each, then the articles in the respective pages can be “wiki-ized” / interlinked with each other. Finally don’t forget to update the sitemaps. Note, wikipedia is a perfect example for this approach.

Let us see about the advantages of the above idea. The first advantage is that, we offer quality, keyword rich content for both users and search engines. The search engines will surely recognize these content. Next is , the internal link structure is refined and finally we have avoided the keyword dilution. Also creating URLs with respective keywords will give additional advantage for keyword ranking.

This approach might sound simple, but it yields amazing results gradually. Wanna try it?

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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