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An Insight Into Video SEO

What is Video SEO ?

Video SEO is the process of doing all possible optimizations techniques in the process of publishing a video online. And of course this needs the help of general SEO techniques to be successful.

You can optimize your video online in two different ways.

  1. First one is Hosted – Working on the video that is on your site.

    Even in Video SEO the “Video Content is the King” and this involves putting up the best thematic video in your site.

  2. The Second one is Posted – Working on the Videos that you submitted to several Video sharing sites.

    Optimization of video content uploaded to multiple video sharing sites simultaneously and other forms of online promotions.

Video Sharing Websites

Advantages of Hosted Video SEO

  1. Generally our objective is to drive traffic to our site/video, so video SEO does help us for this purpose.

  2. You can also control the text thats gonna appear near to your video, and you can change the user interface, and you can control the things that the users can and cannot do on your site.

  3. And importantly you can count on the traffic using various analytics tools available. Webtrends offfers specialized tools for this purpose.

  4. As you have the control you can put up with video along with thematically related content.

Advantages of Posted Video SEO

  1. Here you target is to achieve branding through more user views and get user comments.

  2. You reach more people using this technique, which I mean, in popular video sharing sites, you have a higher number of visitors.

  3. Many Popular Video Sharing sites are already have good credibility and you are using this for your advantage.

  4. And the sites that you sumbit/upload your videos are already popular online, your videos can easily get into SERPs and sometimes you results are pulled up from most of the sites you’ve uploaded.

  5. And for this kind of promotions, you don’t need a website.

Nowadays, many people have started using this platform to promote their products and services.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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