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Who’s Gonna Rule The Mobile Search Industry ?

We have been watching Google vs Bing vs Yahoo for a long time, but that’s not over they still have a lot to be explored. All Major Search Engines have launched their mobile version. So now we’ll go through their current features.

First Lets See About Google :

Google Mobile Web Search stand toe to toe with its big brother. For Example for the search query Times Square the Mobile Web Search seems to be little bit smarter than the normal web search.

Google has managed to push in the same number of image search results that would be normally available, in its mobile version also. So that the users wont find it difficult scrolling pages.

Well Google has managed to give all the other features as such, such as Product Search, News Search, My Location (Know where you are, without typing your location) the Local Search, latest results, and Movie Times.

On the whole Google has well packed its mobile pack.

Now About Bing:

Bing launched its mobile version only a few months ago. Well in a hurry to catch up with its competitors. Bing promised you with its usual packages such as web searches, product lookups/shopping ,local listings, flight info, traffic maps, weather forecasts and latest movie reviews. Bing Mobile is available in 19 languages.

You need to go to m.bing.com in order to access Bing for mobile.

And Finally Yahoo:

Well the most interesting feature in yahoo that attracted me first, was the demo simulator that helps you understand the functioning of the Yahoo mobile search. With which you can know, how it will respond to your queries, and its limits. Yahoo also provides all the stuffs the other two can offer but the only thing more is the stock quotes that it offers

But if you have a birds eye view over all of these you can find the fittest. But this time I leave it to you to name the ruler/winner.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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