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Google News – New Features in US

At present days, Google has redesigned its structure and added several new features to make the visitors more comfortable. These user friendly changes remains Google at the top place in search engines. Before two months ago it make drastic change in image search which was loved by many. Now it continued in news section too.

Yesterday, Google redesigned its News Homepage for the first time. In the new look, there are only two major sections: Top News and “News For You,” a new personalized section, as the arrows point to below:

The “News for you” section is the biggest addition in this area and displays stories in a section or list view based on users’ specified interests in topics like Business, Sports or their own preferred subject matters.

Google offered a variety of ways to show personalized search results in the past from the mentioned “Recommended stories”. While the “Recommended” feature is now going away, the new “News For You” area gives personalization a far bigger role at Google News. This redesigned home page will ask them to set their personal news preferences, such as choosing the type of news business, entertainment, sports they like and the amounts they want.If you don’t want customized Google News, hit “Reset personalization” to clear all personalization preferences.

You can easily share the Google News stories with other people through Buzz, Google Reader, Facebook and Twitter. You can see these sharing options at the top-right of each of the story cluster displayed on the Google News homepage.

This redesigned Google News homepage is rolling out only in the English-language edition in the U.S., and they are planning to expand it in the upcoming months.

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