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Why Do We Need Press Release Submission

Press Release is a news article for the purpose of explaining that happening inside your company to others. You can call this as news article since, it used to spread the news about your company. Major companies would love to tell the World about their annual report, announcement, new services, business tie-up, etc.. Press release gives a platform for them to do their official announcements.

The advantage with press release is that it gives rapid spreading about the information. If you do press release, search engines will give more priority for the news and most importantly, Google will give #1 position as news result for our result. As a SEO, you would like to have #1 for your major keyword. For this major reason, SEO would love to do press release for their website.

I like to share you the following points which you can call as the advantages of press release.,,

Quick Cache

    • If a company launches a new product or service itwould love to spread the news to all.
    • The Press Release will help you to spread your new product or launch to your customer quickly.
    • The effective way to spread news in on-line is through press release submission.
    • Search Engine bots oftenly crawl press release sites, so your press release submission catched by major search engines.
    • Your Press Release for primary keyword will appear on google news result for certain period.

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Effective Backlinks

  • Most of the Press Release (PR) sites will give link back to your site.
  • Most PR sites allows you to have do-follow links for your website.
  • As a SEO, you can get one backlink from PR sites which really helps for your website’s exposure.

Drive Traffic

  • If your content is read-worthy and valuable, there is more chance that the PR reader will visit your website.
  • You can get traffic to your website through news searches also.
  • Single press release will do this much for your website.

Things that you should take care of

  • Title and Summary will tell the story, so use proper title and summary.
  • Content is the king here too. Good PR with nice content will always give better results for you than the expected.
  • Don’t forget to give the primary keyword in the title to drive traffic and your content should have primary as well as secondary keyword.
  • Don’t stuff your primary keywords inside the content of the press release. This should be consider as spam.


  • Rapid – Spreading of news for free of cost.
  • New visitors through press release.
  • Doing press release will increase on-line reputation for any company.
  • Good way of promotion for newly started service by your company.

Press Release is the place to share the news articles, Since, its a good way of getting traffic, top SERP position in Google News results. Its a great way to promote your website or your company.

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