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Keyword Tool – Check Keyword Trends with new Yahoo! Clues

Recently, Yahoo has introduced it’s new keyword research and comparison tool named Yahoo Clues. It provides you the deep insights of how people are using Yahoo search. Whenever you have entered the keywords to find trends, it will update you with the following features,

    • Searches Over Time
    • By Demographic
    • By Income
    • By Location
    • By Search Flow
    • And by Related Searches.

Let us see these features with an example here,

Now I’m going to find trends by comparing two keywords “Facebook Vs Twitter”

Searches Over Time

Type the two keywords in “Find Trends” search box and click on “Discover” button to explore details,

Find Trends with Yahoo Clues

Once you have done, you will get the search volume trends over time for both keywords comparatively,

Search Volume Trends for Facebook and Twitter on Yahoo Clues

You can also set the time limit in “Time Filter” section which allows you to view the search volume chart between specific time period.

Here I have driven the search volume data over past 30 days

By Demographic

It provides the democratic breakdown of age, gender or both combined statics for your search term. It will makes you find which majority of age, gender people are searching for your keyword.

Search Volume Stats by Demographic on Yahoo Clues

You can also specifically get the trends for what particular segment of people search related to your keywords,

Search Trends related to Keywords with Yahoo Clues Demographic Insights

By Income

It provides the search volume trends by breakdown of Income distribution,

Search Trends by Income on Yahoo clues

According to Yahoo

Yahoo! Clues calculates this category using anonymous aggregated zip code information from Yahoo! Search matched against per capital income data from the US Census Bureau.

Income Search Trend insights on Yahoo Clues

By Location

This feature let you know the search volume by location. Currently it only shows searches that originated from United States,

Search Trend by Location on Yahoo clues

By Search Flow

Search Flow is really unique and new feature, it shows you the list of most probable previous and next user searches from an analysis of aggregated search patterns.

Search Trends by Search Flow on Yahoo Clues
  • Previous Queries shows you the list that user searches probably before your search query.
  • Next Queries shows you the list that user probably searches after your search query

By Related Searches

And finally it comes up with the list of related searches.

Search Trends by Related search on Yahoo Clues

But still trends for some search terms aren’t available. Below is the image obtained when I search for “Free Planning Software”

Yahoo clues Search Trends unavailable for free planning software

I have got this information from Searchengineland that Yahoo is updating on approximately hourly basis in-order to provide trends for more search terms.

Disclaimer: The post is completely based on individual thoughts and SEO Services Group bears no responsibilities for the thoughts reflected in the post.

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