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Google helps you market your Business globally

Google has recently Introduced a new tool to grow your business globally by launching a new website named as Google Ads for Global Advertisers, This website will give you the complete idea and tips to expand your business in foreign markets and also provide the resource for your business to find the right audience for your products and service, translating your website into your chosen market’s language and finding new customers with relevant ads.

Following steps will help you to reach more customers worldwide,

1.Find new Markets
2.Translate your website
3.Translate your ads
4.Prepare your business
5.Optimize your Campaigns

Find New Markets :-

First of all you have to research new markets where you like to target your business, Google Global Market Finder is a free tool allows you to view local monthly search volumes for a particular location and cost for your targeting keywords in any foreign markets worldwide. Next, select an exact location where you want to target the right audience for your business. If you are already running an campaign in Google Adwords, you can select your location, language to display your ads.

Translate your website :-

After your targeting market has been identified, you need to translate your web site. Translate Web Element is an online web tool is used to translate your webpage completely, this tool will generate code for respective languages. By adding this code in your webpage, it delivers instant translation result when the page has been loaded. Installing the code is very easy and simple. After installing the code in your website, you need a translator to translate the webpage content. Translator toolkit is an online tool is used to reduce your costs for translation by providing an automatic machine translation.

Translate your ads :-

You can translate your existing adwords keyword by using Translator Toolkit and AdWords Editor.

Prepare your business :-

Before launching your local-language website, make sure your self wether the business is ready for foreign-language customers. To help communicate with your foreign customers, you can use a variety of tools such as Google Translate or the automatic message translation features in Gmail and Google Talk.

Optimize your Campaigns :-

Run your local-language campaigns. Remember to make use of Google’s monitoring and optimization tools to measure and optimize your local-language campaigns,.

Conclusion :-

So, if you are looking to expand your global marketing reach, these tools are a great way to start looking into an increased clientele

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One comment on “Google helps you market your Business globally
  1. Bowmanave says:

    i think that's a great concept, but there are still small small businesses that could benefit too,there should be a for dummies version just to get them started and when they grow step up to the reg.

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